Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is this Not Tuesday???? Where do We live???

Is this not Tuesday??? Didn't we just get home yesterday??? Good its Wednesday..or so I've been informed..We arrived home early Monday afternoon and we have been going straight out since then-non stop..and here it is 40 mins from Thursday.

We have been staining the deck, limbing trees, pulling weeds from flower beds, laundry, dusting, cleaning, cooking..getting haircuts, new debit cards, revolution for the fur kids, answering emails etc etc that and everything else that piles up while your gone for a couple of weeks. Poor Ossumer looks pretty lonesome...although I do make numerous daily trips out there to get something out of the closet in the bedroom, or something out of the fridge to cook for supper-or something out of the pantry...normally I have both places well stocked...I must be slipping this season. Could it be the retirement? I do the laundry and have sorting baskets...this goes into the closet this goes back into Ossumer...this goes into the stix and brick kitchen yadda yadda...

I am so anxious to get the winter south trip booked..but right now we don't dare..we finally got a call yesterday for Rick to see the surgeon..October 5th...sadly we cannot make any definite decisions until then :(....although we are considering booking anyway and cancelling if necessary...what to do what to do...there is so much to think about and so much to I have decided...

I'm going to take a big deep breath and just get us through the next few days...tomorrow we are changing providers for home telephone, internet and tv...could be anywhere from 8am-5pm when they show far up to today I've received 3 reminder calls pertaining to this installation...drives me nuts...Rick will handle that as I have to go at 8:30am and help a senior friend pack and get ready to move...Friday morning involves some appointments, loading Ossumer and Friday evening is the MotoMoncton Motorcycle show!! The main downtown street will be blocked off -lots of bikes, music etc. Our oldest son and his band are the opening we must attend that..the two grands are pretty excited (7 yrs old) to be attending with their parents and hear them tell it they are attending their first ever 'concert' and their uncle is cute...little do they know he is going to dedicate a song to them both...brown eyed doubt that will send them over the moon.

Saturday morning we are loading the two grands into Ossumer, yes with the other two fur kids and heading about an hour away to a kid filled fun campground until Sunday or Monday...they are so excited as this is their first trip out in the new motorhome. It should prove interesting to say the least. I will try remember to take the time to use the camera. Praying this past couple of days of nice weather holds up for us.

So I've only listed a few of our activities that we've accomplished so far this week...maybe this will help you understand why I'm not sure what day it is...take care all -stay are all remembered in our prayers...

home is where you park it
Rick Tucker and Lilly too

I'm so so very excited I just had to edit this post..I have been daily watching Sicard Rv's...watching our sunvoyager by gulfstream sitting on that site so forelorne...wondering when she will get new owners...just now we saw a big SOLD sign on her listing...she was a wonderful classy motorhome and we loved her dearly...I hope the new owners love her as much as we did...and they certainly bought themselves a real Classy A motorhome...good luck in your new home Miss Daisy may you provide the love and enjoyment to your new owners that you've provided to us!!!


  1. how great that Miss Daisy has a new home..our poor beloved 'Freeway' sat on the lot for more than a year..everyday on the way home from work there it was..made me very sad..but it has a new home finally, too!..making another family happy!!

  2. Funny thing, but I noticed a while back that some of my retired friends started using daily planners, since they were so much busier after leaving their jobs behind. It's still something I haven't quite figured out, but it seems you're experiencing it as well.
    I too had noticed the Gulfstream. Hadn't been able to put it together that it had been yours. Nice to see her going to a new home.

  3. Wow, you are busy. When I was working I wondered what retired people did all day. Now I wonder how I had time to work.

  4. Glad to see your old MH found a new home. I was happy when our old 5'er left the sales lot as well.

    Hope your cabling and internet wiring goes o.k. Guess if we don't hear from you we'll know it didn't!!

  5. Don't you ever take time to take a breath and relax. Wow, you have been busy, it's putting me to shame.

    Have a great weekend with the grandkids!

    Whiskey wants to say thank you to you, Rick, Tucker and Lily for the get well wishes. She has been doing pretty good today.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Wow, have you stopped and smelt the roses today? Balance, balance, balance. You two have to learn to leave some chores for next week! Have a fun weekend.