Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Lazy day!! We are still experiencing rainy weather

Today was a sort of lazy day, I cleaned, went for groceries, got all the laundry done, then baked some. Rick puttered around~and braved the elements to take some pictures for me.
view from the CG this is a gorgeous church

At supper time we enjoyed the delicious cabbage rolls that my aunt sent us home with yesterday. Then it was off for a drive into town~and I delivered the chocolate chip cookies to my cousin. We visited a bit, then came back and took the furkids for their walk.
Tucker talking to the ducks outside the rig~told you it was great weather if your a duck

It didn't rain today, but it sure looked like it wanted to...

If you decide to ever visit Newfoundland~your Limo awaits  you 

a shot of the campground~lovely place

Also our 'congratulations' to Larry and Marilyn Vanstone (the amazing Vanstones)..Larry retired today!! Way to go Larry and Mar...

Time for a hot shower, and early nite...take care all safe travels and remember

Home is where you Park it...!!

Rick, Elaine Tucker and Lilly


  1. hope the cabbage rolls were delicious..did you save any of the cookies for yourselves???

  2. That's sure a beautiful looking old church across from your campground. Glad to hear you got to share in some of Rick's cabbage rolls!

  3. Beautiful campground. Looks like the dogs are certainly enjoying their vacation.

  4. Looks like it was a great day to do some cleaning and the laundry, nice campground there as well.