Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Wonderful Labor Day Weekend 2011

Hoping every one of you enjoyed a fun filled labor day weekend! We left the stix and bricks on Thursday to head down to the Hopewell Rocks area to a camp ground that is a favourite of ours and is only 20 minutes away. But..its like entering a different world. You don't always have to travel far to find peace and tranquillity. The cg was filled for the long weekend..and it was nice to see the owner finally filling up with some locals. We have been going there for many years and there were times we were the only locals present. They were definitely packed in for this labor day weekend.
Thursday we settled in set up and puttered around the rig. Friday we housecleaned the coach...motored around a bit visited a friend who used to work for us, and enjoyed catching up with her. It was a nice sunny day. We walked the furkids a few times, then had scallops for supper. We mostly sat back and watched all the rvs arrive and set up for the weekend.
Saturday was a tour day for us..it had been awhile since we had toured the area..first stop was  "Crooked Creek"..The falls are awesome -locals have made this into a free camping spot which unfortunately means some of them don't know how to pick up their own garbage :(...There are hiking trails, ATV trails and walking trails.
From there we headed onto Cape Enrage-

Its great place to witness the awesome forces of the Bay of Fundy. Always a cool breeze sometimes to the point of being chilly. The lighthouse is the oldest remaining lighthouse on Mainland New Brunswick.
We then motored onto Alma area:
The Parish of Alma was created surrounding the Village in 1856.The village became an incorporated municipality in 1966. It was 18 years prior that the federal government expropriated land in the village and parish west of the Upper Salmon River for the creation of Fundy National Park.

A very pretty village at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy. Fundy Park entrance is in Alma.
After our return to the Rv a friend arrived to spend the evening with us. We fired up the bbq and feasted on steak, mushrooms, onions, salads and veggies. Then Smores for desert at  the campfire.
DSCN1005 DSCN1010
Ponderosa Pines Campground-Hopewell Cape NB
On each side of the park there are lakes. Stocked with trout for all you fishermen out there. I saw poles, boots, and nets all weekend but didn’t see many carrying back much fish. I think the fish are fed so well they don’t bite often.
The Bay of Fundy borders the back of the campground and you can walk the dam road to Hopewell Rocks and enter the back way to see the tides.

DSCN0982 DSCN0984
You can rent canoes kayaks and paddle boats for a reasonable price and paddle your way around the lakes.

Or you can sit in one of the many lawn chairs and watch other paddle around.


The Bay of Fundy all along the back of the campground!

DSCN1017 DSCN1016
The fur kids enjoyed their many walks within the campground. For those of you who love treed areas there is parking amongst the pines, for those who like open area there is a massive open area for parking with full service in both areas. The rates are good (stay 7 and get one free)..wifi is excellent the only downfall is cell service is not the best. It tends to be sporadic. Texting does work well so in an emergency the kids can get a hold of you. It was nice not to hear the cell ringing all weekend. So it was once again another weekend of good food, good company and lots of relaxation. Although I am not sure I am as good at this ‘practising retirement’ as Rick is. I find I’m misplaced, and sort of lost. Its very hard after many many years of structured work to flip the switch…I’m trying my best and giving it a good shot..not sure yet tho…
Take care all and be safe out there,
Home is where you park it!!
Elaine, Rick, Tucker and Lilly


  1. What a great place to camp and so close to home too! The Bay of Fundy is a place we've always wanted to visit ever since hearing the stories about the tides in school.

    Love the pic of the old lighthouse too!

  2. Well come east young man and we will ensure you see it all!!!!

  3. So great that you are getting out in your RV. I miss that but we are still working. Can't complain about our 5 1/2 months in Mexico though.

    This looks like a lovely campground. Something for everyone. I think you will find your 'grove', it will take some time. Are you sleeping any better?

  4. Looks like a great place to spend some time ~ we are planning on comming up that way next summer... Hope you'll have some good tips for us then!
    Have fun & RELAX

  5. We have toured your area but not in an RV. That is a future goal on the bucket list. The campground looked great too.

    I think you will roll into the retirement busi-ness of life once you hit the road for the sunny southern climes this winter. There is a lot to do and see, if one chooses to do so.

  6. yeahhh Donna we will be sure to be here just let us know before hand...we will give you the grand tour and you can park here we have lots of room!!!

    Rene and Jeanette you need to do it with an RV...be sure to let us know when your coming our way again..

  7. Great way to spend the weekend! That is a beautiful area.

  8. Just like anything worth doing it takes a lot of work to get it right. Keep practicing and you will get it right.

  9. a little piece of heaven so close to home!!..just like our campground this past weekend!!

  10. Your last posting Bloggers technical question, does not show on my computer. It says "Page not found".

  11. Peter I took it down as I finally figured it out....