Monday, August 8, 2011

A Wonderful Day on the Isle of Cape Breton

Sunday, we had a busy day, Rick worked around the rig, puttering and cleaning the windows and bug grime off the rig. I cleaned inside, and cooked most of the day. We had some of my cousins for supper last evening~I made homemade spaghetti ~tea biscuts~salads and garlic bread for our supper. For desert I baked chocolate macaroons. We ate, drank some wine, traded stories and had quite a few laughs, and thoroughly enjoyed each others company.

Today I arose fairly late (9:45 who knew I could retire and sleep in that late)...Rick had the fur kids out for their walk, fed them their breakfast and had my coffee all ready when I sashayed up the hall. He cooked us a wonderful big breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. (Hes a pretty handy guy to have around).

We then showered dressed and headed into Sydney to visit my Aunt Betty whom I haven't see in a couple of years, and she is 84 years old. We spent the afternoon with her..she had just put a big roaster full of homemade cabbage rolls into the oven and boy did they smell good. She is as sharp as a tack, and I so enjoy her family stories. By the end of the visit those cabbage rolls were cooked, and being the caper that she is she of course offered us some to take home. I very politely declined (even tho my mouth was watering)...As most of you know they are a pain in the butt to make so I only make there once a year if Rick is lucky~Rick not being as polite as myself piped up and said "sure we'd love to take some home".."but don't put any in there for Elaine because she said she didn't want any"...I almost kicked him under the table.

We came back to the campground (check it out for if you are ever in the area its a great place and very close to the Ferry Terminal to Newfoundland~you can store your rig here while visiting the rock if you don't want to take it with we had left the dogs in the rig so we came back to store Rick's cabbage rolls (yes theres some in there for me to but he says there isn't) in the fridge and grab the dogs and head back into town to be at my cousin Cheryl's to have supper with her and her family. What a massive supper we had served to us there. Roast Pork~baked ham and all the trimmings and strawberry shortcake for desert. I could hardly move. It was delicious.

The weather today has been nothing but rain...all day since last evening..and more is expected for tomorrow..but that sure didn't dampen our spirits or hinder our visitation. I so love being home to visit, even tho I do not have any immediate family here, the Aunts and cousins always make us feel special....I always feel like I'm wrapped up in a big cosy quilt when I'm with them.

Tomorrow will be a laundry/cleaning day. I do have to jet to a grocery store because all the cousins love homemade chocolate chip cookies..and everyone knows I make the best. We must be good guests because we are invited back again on Thursday for a turkey dinner..yum yum...

I better get off this island before I sink it, I've eaten so much just since Saturday. Mind you I don't hear Rick groaning or complaining, he eats everything they put in front of him, I gain weight just watching him eat it all.

Have a wonderful Tuesday folks~and if the rain ever clears up I will take some wonderful pictures.

Stay safe and remember "home is where you park it"

Elaine (Rick Tucker and Lilly too)
ps...I even caught one of the cousins giving tucker and lilly tastes of strawberry shortcake after needless to say Capers feed everyone and the dogs probably don't want to come home with us to NB..


  1. sounds like a 'weight gaining trip'!!..have can diet later!!

  2. Capers as you call them are hospitable folks. The folks whose place we are visiting away over here on the west side of the country are Island people also, one from Vancouver and the other from Cape Breton. We to will need a bigger ferry to get us home.

  3. Cape Breton is one of our favourite spots to visit... even if it does rain every now and then.


  4. All that food sounds yummy, probably not a good time to weigh your rig!! Gotta love the lifestyle.

  5. Sounds like a great visit to me - I love cabbage rolls too so I wouldn't have turned the offer down either. Hope you get some sunshine today!

  6. Sounds like a fun and busy trip...all the food mentions I know are just a small part of the visit. Sorry about the weather.