Saturday, August 13, 2011

A fun filled Friday...on the Island of Cape Breton..

We were preparing to load up and head toward NB yesterday..but those plans got changed...we did move on but not toward home..we left the cg and came into sydney ....spent the night in my cousins driveway..she was a tight squeeze but we managed it...and wow you would think anyone and everyone in this town has never see a coach motorhome....there has been more cars stopping and about tying up traffic....
We were definitely a traffic stopper
parked and setup

We headed down to Cheryl's (my cousin's mom and my first cousin) as it was stated she was cooking supper for us all AGAIN!! this time it was cabbage rolls, garlic chicken, rice, breads and all the trimmings...We would not dare to weigh this motorhome today, especially if we are in it... because of all the good food thats been served to us this week..I'm sure we're over Rick knows where I learned my cooking traits, and why I'm also a 'large portion' server. At home hes forever saying we do not need a 'dutch oven' pot full of potatoes Elaine just for the two of us....I dont' know how to cook for just two now I think he has an understanding as to why I don't.
Hot turkey dinner-with all the trimmings - just one of the many wonderful meals Cheryl cooked-

My cousin Janice and I
Cousin Cheryl-the great cook!!

Andy Lisa's hubby-Breanne and Jamie Lynn hiding her face thats a 15 yr old thing :)
Lisa-she is so much fun!! and so funny

While sitting out on her veranda after supper enjoying our drinks...we watched the sights of the the corner was a party of 20+ something year olds...they were all fairly inebriated and of course arguing amongst themselves.
One young lady was in pretty bad shape falling on the cement sidewalk and some guy took her down the neighbours dark driveway across the street. We immediately alerted the come on she is someone's daughter...of course when the police arrived (two cars) he took off..and they were forever finding her in the dark backyard and getting her to her feet and into the car. At least we know she was safe for the night.

The police were pretty chatty with us all..and of course Cheryl delivered him some water, and pop to help him thru his long shift~I'm surprised she didn't land out there with a plate of cabbage rolls for him. As a joke I said to should let me sit in the back of your car and get my picture taken.."I'm a tourist" home to he said about funny...yes we have pictures..but the wifi is too slow to load them up, so I will load up and catch up on all the missing pictures when the wifi is better...he even turned the lights isn't that a story for my grandkids...I always said where theres no fools theres no fun...just seems I'm always the fool..haha...and just so you know it was my first ever experience in the back of a police car....oh well it gave everyone  a great laugh...
I guess theres one in every bunch!
cousin Breanne gorgeous girl

Life wasn't so funny earlier ...Lisa and I had gone to the bank and I wanted to use the instant teller...they are not like the ones at home and I don't know home you don't get the withdrawn $$ until your transaction is you get it first...due to gabbing with Lisa, when it spit out the cash I took it and left...and you know what happened next...about 6pm I realized I didn't have my bank card..yup it was still in the machine...we did go back and some good honest soul must have removed it and took it inside to the teller because I hopped on line and checked the bank and the only withdrawal was the one I made. The transaction would have been at the stage of 'would you like to make another transaction' when I walked away from they might drink and fight on Friday nite but they're still honest good down home folk. I called the bank and canceled my debit card and will pick up a new one the first of the week..meantime Rick has his we can use.

Its a hot sunny day here in CB ..of course because its a travel day for us..but better to travel in the sun versus the rain...not sure where we will end up tonight, but will update if possible...

Have a super Saturday everyone, and remember

Home is where you park it
Elaine (Rick Tucker and lilly too)


  1. you have a super Saturday too!!.sounds like you are ALL having a great time..avoid the 'scales' for a while once you get home!..all the food sounds delicious and hard to resist!..wouldn't want to be 'rude'!!!

  2. Sounds like you are having a great trip home. I have never been to that part of the East Coast but am looking forward to it one day. My friends that we just visited on Vancouver Island he is from Cape Breton New Waterford I believe. I can't wait to see your Police Car experience lol

    Take Care

  3. Sounds like a fun time except for the left behind ATM card. That is one of our fears -forgetting the card.

  4. I can well imagine that a DP in Sydney would create a bit of a stir. You rich folks from New Brunswick! Sheesh!
    Handy and inexpensive entertainment for the neighbourhood though. See, you're providing a community service!
    I remember the first time we drove our class A down our street. If I only had five bucks for every one who gawked. Eventually it was no big deal, but the first few times there were some heads turning.
    Like you say, you'd think they'd never seen such a thing.

  5. You certainly lead an exciting life, police cars and all!! Good for you for looking out for the young girl! As to your RV, if and when you come down to Mexico, don't be surprised to see the locals flagging you down. They think you are a bus. We just smile & wave.

  6. Quite an exciting day on 'the Cape'! Not too many places around today where the next customer wouldn't have just cleaned out your account!

  7. Got lucky with the debit card, also a good thing you were friendly with the police and had fun. Neighborhood watch is good anywhere.

  8. Did that Bank-Card-Thing once myself. What happens is, the machine sucks it in if it is not removed within a certain (short) time frame. Then I had to inside and claim it back.

  9. Great family and good food what more can you ask for. Are you sure you've never been in the back of a police car, you look right at home there, lol. I forgot my bank card in a Mexican ATM within our second week in Mexico last year. By the time I realized it, it was days later and miles away. Good thing Kevin had one too!

    Kevin and Ruth