Monday, August 29, 2011

Part 6- What is Meant to Be will Be!!!

I hope everyone was safe and sound during Storm Irene. I have been keeping an eye on you all. She was one wicked witch who must have had jet fuel in that broom of hers. We were without power way down here on the east coast of Canada from middle of the night last night until 4pm today.  Not that we were affected much as we have the generator in the MH just outside the front door and a portable generator on the deck just outside the back door.  So we had TV internet coffee and lights all day...what more could we ask for during a storm. The winds were extreme today.
Going into the new camping season of 08 with the Sundance was causing me great distress and aggravation. I was to the point I didn't even want to load it up. I was tired of fighting with the dealer via telephone and in person. Thankfully Rick ignored my mood and loaded it for camping.
In early July 08 when we visited Darrell he felt so bad that there wasn't anyone at the dealership he could talk to-to help us out. We were not the first to approach him. He stated he had something we would love and that they would be willing to take our fiver on trade, fix it themselves and sell it. See the dealer we purchased from had exclusive rights on Heartland products. No other local dealer could sell that line. But they were permitted to take them on trade only but not from mfgr. So of course they wanted to sit a heartland on their lot and I'm sure they hoped that the other local dealer would see it there.
So Miss Daisy enters the scene..and I was in love with her. 2006 Sun Voyager by Gulf Stream-workhorse chassis-8L V8 allison trans-30ft


They offered us a fantastic trade value for the fiver but I was still so upset over the fifth wheel; we wanted to take some time to think about it. We called them back a few days later, and they sadly told us she was sold.  But also informed us that they had a couple of Winnies coming in soon and would let us know when they arrived. We regretted not putting down a deposit, and told ourselves that is wasn't meant to be.
A couple of weeks later was a wedding anniversary milestone for us, and after the big surprise party we hopped in the truck and fiver and hit the road for the US and some R&R. But we had had a taste of another motorhome in our mouths after seeing the SunVoyager. We stopped at a dealer in Maine asking to see a unit that caught our eye on the front of their lot. We were the only lookers there at the time and the salesman stated-"Do you have any money? You don't look like you do and I only talk to people who have money"...honestly that was his exact words. We immediately left after I stated 'never judge a book by the cover buddy'. Actually I thought we looked pretty decent that day. As soon as we left there I opened the cell and called Darrell asking if the Winnies were in yet. He stated no but the sun voyager was there with our name on it. The other purchaser's financing fell through. So she WAS meant to be ours. We told him we would be home in a few days and would be in to purchase.
Upon our return home, I called the fiver dealer and laid it out in lavender to them. I was on my way and they better have our mirrored doors, slide fascia boards, cushion flooring and carpets ready for pick up as well as all the other warranty parts we required. I had stated that Rick was going to do all the repairs himself. And yes they had it all ready for us. We loaded it all into our stix and bricks living room. The next day Darrell delivered Miss Daisy to us, right into our driveway, and we moved rigs. We then cleaned the fiver from top to bottom-inside and out-loaded all the parts into it and delivered it to Darrell at Pine Acres. They were impressed that we had all the required stock for the repairs as they had previously agreed to do the repairs at their shop and were willing to provide the items to repair. So everyone was happy. And we thought we had the forever machine. Pine Acres was always there for us to answer any questions or concerns we may have had.
We were back in a motorhome!!! yeah!!! We lost our loving aging parent in January of 2010, after a long healthy life of 94 years. I think that is when Rick started thinking of retirement once again, but he didn't think it aloud until around November of last year. He originally retired in 1998 after 32 years with the local telco company, but due to his mom being with us we didn't feel we could just take off, so we started the business almost 14 yrs ago just to add to the retirement fund-we were here anyway right? Our kids were great to stay here on weekends and let us get away for jaunts. And the next thing I knew he was talking "diesel pusher" selling the house and business-going full head was spinning. It was the talk morning noon and night. After much discussion we compromised and decided we would keep the house, renovate the offices into an apartment for ourselves and rent out the house. Rick strapped on the tool belt in January and we finished up the renos in July and the new tenants moved into the house on August 1.
We toured the local dealers here but nothing took our eye or met our wish list.
Rick had been in touch  back and forth with Larry Vanstone of Sicard RV's in Ontario ( -he is a blogger ( that Rick has been following and built a blogger friendship with, and what a wonderful guy he is.  We flew up in early June looked at some preferred MH's and settled on Ossumer...and you all know the rest of the story. Rick has his diesel pusher, Miss Daisy is finally in a new home..and once again everyone is Happy Happy!! Sicards and Larry treated us like royalty. So if you are ever in the area and in the market look them up. They are a fairly large fully functional dealership covering all aspects of repair and maintenance.
Ok if your still reading I apologize for rambling. That would be the Cape Bretoner in me I guess. This now concludes the series..and aren't you all glad !!!! Will there be a 'next rig'? ..I truly don't think so ..Ossumer meets all our needs and still has low mileage (30,000). But never say never right?
Just as a footnote I think I am getting quite used to using Mars Edit..although I do love live writer but it is not available for the mac.
What does Rick do while I am on my mac? He relaxes with Tucker Boy...!!
Have a super evening folks, a great week...and remember


  1. so glad that your story had a happy ending for you and Rick and 'Ossumer'!!!..nice are most fortunate!!!..we can only hope that our story will have a happy ending too!!

  2. Well, that was an interesting story. Glad you found your "forever" rig and hope you have many happy years in it.

    Great picture of Papa and his Pooch.

  3. Great end to your story!! I like the new larger type you are using, easier on these old eyes of mine. Cute photo of your two boys.

  4. Glad to hear your happy with your current rig. Also, reading this it sure makes me glad that we've had the opposite experience with our local RV dealership - Arbutus RV. They have been absolutely fantastic with any problem we've had and get on it right away. That's unusual for RV dealers so I know how fortunate we are.

    I like Rick's style!!

  5. I love your new house on wheels. Great choice. Thanks for the story, it's quite something with all the changes. Have fun on the road!