Thursday, August 4, 2011

We have left the building!!!

We left Riverview earlier today motoring on toward Cape Breton (I'm going home for a visit :))...I was a wee bit nervous today which I usually am when we have something new going on!! Today was our first trip with the 'brake buddy' in the car...but it seemed to do what it was suppose to all is well..Rick thought I should take the time during our journey to read the manual on the BB ...but I think thats a not need to know situation. I know for a fact he would have read it a minimum of 3 times before he installed it this week. All I need to know is how to hook it up (if necessary) ...I don't feel I have to know how the guts of it works-as long as it does its job I'm happy. I know how to drive the rig, hook up the car to the blue ox, and hookup the I figure I'm good to go...and yes I also know how to dump tanks if ever necessary...

We are currently parked in Scotia Pines in Truro and then we will be on our way tomorrow to New Glasgow..for a nite to visit relatives..then onto Cape Breton...yipeeee...I haven't been home to visit in a couple of years..
A little tight for parking

I am 'loving ' our new motorhome...I'm not nearly as nervous as I was in the previous MH..Miss Daisy...I think its the perception...I'm sitting back a bit and no longer have my butt parked right up on the dash watching the road run under this is a diesel so I don't have the engine sounds under said butt...

The kids are bored waiting to go for walk

Well its past happy hour the sun is shining and I'm sure the furkids and the hubby are getting hungry so I should consider something for supper...

take care all~~travel safe

Home is where you park it
Elaine, Rick, Tucker and Lilly