Saturday, August 6, 2011

Awww its Saturday-Travel day for us!

As I awoke today to the peaceful sounds of the early morning~I couldn't help but be amazed at the sights around me. All was quiet and peaceful~the sun was shining with the early morning glow, the river was like a mirror with the clouds reflecting in it-my favourite time of day! This is when I love to sit and reflect, ponder and count my blessings for all that we have; I can do so much thinking at this time when the rest of the world sleeps around me..I feel like it is my personal private-special time of day.

But alas, when the coffee pot gave its final beep to let me know it was ready~ the day begins. Lilly awakens then wakes Tucker and its time to set my special time aside and mother the furkids. After their morning potty, and breakfast its then time to re-enter the world and see how everyone is its onto blog reading and facebook while I enjoy my coffee. Eventually Rick swaggers out with my good morning kiss..and we enjoy coffee together and plan our day. 

Today we are motoring onto Cape Breton to visit with friends and relatives. I love going 'home' it brings back so many memories of growing up there, some good and some not so good..but thats life right? We left 'Cranberry Campground' in Barney's River (just outside of New Glasgow NS) at noon on the dot. It is a gorgeous sunny day with nice temperatures. The furkids are resting in their seatbelts on the sofa how they love to travel. When they see their seatbelts come out they get so excited one would think you offered them a t-bone steak.
You have to love the CB highlands

A little island all by itself

Rick doing a small repair at the Canso Causeway-our tank door which does not open (screwed shut) the screws must have come loose so he is screwing it shut again..(I knew he was handsome and handy)

Entrance to the Canso Causeway
Gotta Love this sign on the bridge on the causeway~this Bridge swings and turns around to allow boats to pass through

The lakes

The beautiful Bridal Party at the back of the campground having their wedding pics done

This is what we see behind our coach

We arrived at the Arm of Gold campground in the Bra d'Or, Cape Breton at around 3:30pm...the drive was beautiful..the sun was shining..the mountains were gorgeous and we were pretty impressed hauling up over the mountain with ease in I know why Rick had a DP on his bucket list. Upon our arrival a limo pulled into the campground while we were was a wedding party arriving for pictures. Only a caper bride would want her pictures done in a hayfield ...I just had to take some pictures also. Which I will upload in the morning when I have the wifi code (currently am on my stick because Rick forgot to get the code when we registered)...the wedding party was nice to arrive and immediately see a 'new beginning'...

As soon as we were setup it was off to my cousins house...her daughter knew we were coming but we didn't tell her as I wanted to surprise her..and boy was she surprised...we spent a lovely evening there visiting the family, eating and enjoying the kitchen gathering (Thats what we capers do ~even tho there are numerous rooms in the house we all tend to visit and gather in the kitchen)..Cape Breton is famous for its 'kitchen ceilidhs' (a ceilidh is gaelic for party) between the kitchen and the veranda we caught up on the last couple of years. The furkids behaved thank heavens. Altho tucker did find his way upstairs and tried to nap on one of the beds. There are a couple of nice cruise ships in the harbour which we will check out tomorrow after church. The Sydney warf, marina and boardwalk was alive this evening with would have thought it was July 1st and traffic was heavy for 11pm. I figure the cruise ships were docked for the night. But we were too tired to stop~its been a long day...but a wonderful day. What more could we ask for!

 Have a wonderful weekend everyone -I will upload the pictures tomorrow when I get the wifi code.

Stay safe~remember home is where you park it...

Elaine, Rick Tucker and Lilly


  1. Just love that whole area. My ex was from Nova Scotia, so I spent a lot of time touring there. Someday we'll go back in an RV :)

  2. Great looking campsite you have there - what a view! Nothing like holding a big family reunion in the kitchen!

    We sure would like to get out to Nova Scotia and Cape Breton with our 5'er sometime. It's on our list of travel plans for sure. Looks beautiful there.

  3. great windshield shots today!!..enjoy your stay at Cape Breton!!!

  4. Hello,
    I see you are New Brunswickers?? And traveling the East? And you are planning to go south when fall arrives? THAT makes you a potential visitor on Campobello Island. From there we have only 5km to the U.S./Maine border. And as we are RV'ers too we'd love you to visit with us. I'd like to congratulate to a new MH as well! So, pls, when you come south send us an email and we'd meet you at the border!

  5. Love your morning thoughts about the beauty and peace. I just love getting up, pouring a coffee and taking everything around me in, giving a my day a happy relaxed start. Enjoy your drive today.