Friday, August 12, 2011

And another Great Day!!!

Yesterday the cousins came to visit us at the rig in the early afternoon...and brought their own containers (as requested by me)..because I whipped them up another 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies...the ones I made from the other day were quite a hit...

After they left we tidied up around the rig...we walked the dogs..and Rick and I headed into town, picked up some supper (delicious chicken) and had supper with my Aunt Betty. She is 80 some years old, and is a walking historian...I could sit forever asking her 'family' questions..there isn't anyone she doesn't know, and not much she doesn't know about them. How I love this..having lost my parents in my late 20's I now have thank heavens for these elder relatives who have answers. Who thinks in their 20's to ask family historic questions of their parents..I sure didn't ...we were busy raising five kids... trying to work and get through the present and look to the future..there just wasn't time or inclination to think of the past. We had a great visit with her...I do have some pictures..but our wifi here at the park is too slow for uploading pictures....will do so when I have faster speed.

Today, was another super day, we hung around the MH most of the day, I should rephrase that ~most of the 1/2 day..I didn't haul out of the bedroom till after 10am..its been like that all week...who knew I could get past usual waking hour...we headed into town to my cousin Cheryl's for a big turkey dinner with all the name it it was on that dining room 3-4 desert choices...needless to say I came home with a 'here take this lemon meringue pie home with you'!!! Am hoping my clothes still fit next week after this week on the Island. And once again even the fur kids were treated to some tidbits. And my cousin presented me with another gorgeous Cape Breton Island blanket throw.

After arriving back at the Mh we hunkered down (is that a word? we do use that alot in Cape Breton)..and did some blog reading...its now almost 1am so I'm heading up the hall into dreamland..

travel safe yall and remember
Home is where you park it...

Elaine, Rick Tucker and Lilly~living our dream in Ossumer...


  1. 'Hunkered Down' is indeed a good description especially after such a great day with your family. All that wonderful food sounds like a perfect holiday to me!

  2. love those words..hunkered down!!..another great may need to purchase some elastic waisted pants!!

  3. Have you thought of taping some of your conversations with elderly family members, a great way to preserve memories?

  4. Always great visiting with older relatives. I always try to get them to reminisce about the past.