Saturday, February 25, 2012

Travelling Laundry!!!!

First thing on the agenda today, after coffee and computers time was get the laundry done. There are two washers and two dryers here at the resort but they were in use, and where as I had 3 or 4 loads to do we thought we'd drive up toward the pier where we saw a laundromat! Upon arrival we saw that over 1/2 the machines (both washers and dryers) were out of order and the other 1/2 were  moldy and yucky.. even the change and soap machines were out of order. After some travelling looking for another laundromat and change we ended up back at the resort and the machines here thankfully were not in we got it all done.
Around 4:30  we headed into town with Matt, Gail, Janna and Mike  to the Low Key Hideaway tiki bar for happy hour. What a great spot, it is 'low key' and quite a quaint place.
This is the Tiki Bar-behind the hotel

A shot from the Tiki Bar area

The signage

The low key Hideaway-and RV park

The owners Cindy and Pat toured North America with an RV for almost 4 years then settled down here in Cedar Key. There are only 4 RV lots so I'm thinking reservations are definitely required for this quaint spot. Rick and I headed into the pier for a walk, then up to Robinsons seafood for supper. Today warmed up really nice and the sun was shining:)...tomorrow we will work on the get ready to travel "ta do list" as we head out of here on Tuesday in the direction of Pensacola. We will do Tuesday night at Ho Hum park in Carrabell. Have a wonderful Sunday folks and stay safe out there. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. we missed that Tiki Bar when we were there:( safe travels!

  2. Nice photos from the area you are presently touring.

    We are also starting to pack up. We leave Yuma tomorrow for a few days in El Centro before heading for Palm Springs.

  3. That Tiki Bar looks interesting for sure.

  4. Traveling laundry....we've had traveling kayaks, but never laundry.

    Glad you finally got it done. We went to a laundromat like that once...and walked right back out the door too.

  5. Sounds like a good day well except laundry detail... wish I was on an adventure too. Tomorrow we are taking Tassie up to our dealer in Holiday getting the seal replaced on the toliet and have the oil changed... guess that can be counted as an adventure ~ lol lol.
    Lousy weather here today,,,
    Have fun

  6. Great header photos and also the others. I would love to be there. Was the food good?

  7. yes Contessa their clam chowder was excellent...wish you were here too...!!