Monday, February 20, 2012

Super Fine Monday at Tarpon Springs!!!

Is Gingee in there Mom? Huh Mom Huh? Or that pretty Tiffy girl you saw yesterday? Huh?
Tuckman trying to pick up women
I guess I'm gonna have to enforce the parental lock downs with the boy!!!

Dontcha just love retirement? Get up late (7:30am)-drink coffee and read blogs! What a great way to start the day-and to be able to do it in the sunny south of Florida is definitely a bonus. I am getting pretty used to this lifestyle.
I do need to point out to you all that I'm struggling trying to comment on most of your blogs with this new verification (yeah yeah everyone is having the same problem so I won't whine too much)..but I just want you to know I am still reading your blogs and trying to comment! So behave cause I still know what your all up to!
Today was a great day-Rick and I took off with a plan to visit Tarpon Springs and Honeymoon Island. Tarpon springs was great - what a neat place and I'm pretty sure I ventured into each and every shop that was there. The water was beautiful the day was beautiful and what more could we ask for.

Marina area at Tarpon Springs

Pretty much every store had the same thing but I loved it anyway

We had lunch here at Yanni's - great food

costal waterway

Sponges anyone?

Boats across the way in the marina

gorgeous area
 It was a pretty hopping place. A lot of tourists there. We spent the whole afternoon there and never did make it to Honeymoon Island. But I figure that's ok because we're on a permanent honeymoon anyway :) 
Tomorrow we are heading down the road (or maybe its up the road I'm not sure) for Cedar Key RV Resort in Cedar Key (Thanks Janna-I never know where I'm going and can never keep the names of places straight-looking forward to seeing you folks) for a few days..not sure where we're off to after that. Apparently that is still to be determined. And Karen I'll keep up the safari 'spy' mission for you :) 
After having lived a life of structure raising five kids-and working in our business being structured for years..and taking care of an aging parent-I'm ready to be unstructured!! Now does that make sense to anyone? 
Tucker by the way is as right as rain and totally back to normal..thank heavens.
After returning to the resort, Rick ran to the laundry room and threw in the laundry for me. So he now informs me that as soon as that is done we need to make a run to Wally World and pick up some more groceries. Where did we ever find the time to work and make a living? 
So y'all stay safe out there, thanks for stopping by, and enjoy each and every day we are blessed with! Cause I sure don't think it can get any better than this!

Home is where you park it
"May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky~and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly"


  1. Now you make retirement seem sooooo nice...We're counting down the days!

  2. I visited Tarpon Springs in 2001 and really liked the town. Sounds like you are finding ways to relax.

  3. Now you getting it. Unstructured life is just awesome and to be enjoyed. Like you said when did we ever have time to work?
    And following blogs is just great, but if you are not careful can be all consuming. We read them too, but have to stop at some point during the day or before we know it the day is over and have not even been outside to enjoy the day. And we created new "job" for ourselves.

  4. We were there today and didn't see you We ate at Hella's restuarant. I would love to take the Dolphin tour next year. We didn't have time today. Took us about 3 hours to get there.

  5. Love that picture of Tucker. I don't think he would have any problems picking up the ladies...he's a handsome boy! And the header picture is GREAT...what a lovely lass!!

    You sound like you are sure enjoying retirement. That's wonderful to hear.

  6. our Tucker thinks he is a ladies man too..did he get to meet Tiffy?..glad that you got to meet Ralph and Donna!!

  7. Glad to hear Tucker is feeling well again and that your enjoying life the way it should be. Sure a beautiful area your visting in.

  8. Unstructured is the new word for perfect:))

    Tucker must be back to normal if he is picking up girls!

    I can't understand why every store in a particular tourist area all have the same stuff to sell. Even here in Mexico.

  9. Well stated comments on your unstructured life. What's not to like?

  10. I have to be very structured, how long did it take for you to "Un"
    Glad your furkid is better. I know how many gray hairs we get when Riggs is sick.