Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Arrived in Cedar Key RV Park Safe & Sound

We left Port Richey around 11am today and arrived at Cedar Key RV Park around 2pm. We were booked to be here for 3 days but the place is soooo nice we signed up and paid for a week. So we are here till next Tuesday. What a lovely park-nicest one we've been in so far on this trip!
We got setup and settled, then Janna and Mike stopped over for a few minutes and we all introduced ourselves. They were heading out to supper with friends of theirs that are leaving tomorrow.
Tucker and Lilly met "sweet little Emmi" and of course Tucker was flirting with her. He was standing on the sofa watching their rig..he knows that pretty little girly is in there.
I made a nice supper of pork chops and potatoes and veggies, and Rick tossed up a garden salad.
We took the kids for a walk, had coffee outside and relaxed for a bit then came in to check blogs and watch some TV. The park is beautiful....full cement pads to park on plus big patio.
Our lot before we pulled in-I'm sure you all recognize that pretty redish rig off to the right :)

We are parked

Jacks down, Slides out sitting on a chair with a happy hour drink in my hand:)

Now that we have a good (free) wifi signal here at this park I am hoping I'll be able to comment on all your blogs instead of just reading them. I was able to post on a few of them but my wifi was so bad it was booting me off all the time. And the verification issue was a big deal.

Lori and George it won't be long you'll be retired it will be here before you know it!! Teri we truly enjoyed Tarpon Springs-and can't wait to tour Cedar Key-Suzie I find it is now taking me quite a while to read all the blogs it is almost like a job-but I love it..Ron sorry we missed you the other day at Tarpon Springs..we could have met up for sure! Donna thanks for the compliment on Hannah she is our darling grand and we sure do miss her..,thank heavens for skype.Sue the Tuckman didn't get to meet tiffy but he sure sniffed her on me when we got home :) Allen and Lolita just about every place we've been in has been beautiful. Contessa and Jeanette unstructured sure does = perfection and fun. Donna-Rick was "un" really fast..I think it took him an hour last June 10th me it took quite a bit longer for me as I struggled with it..going from the speed of a race car to a bicycle (without pedals)..but I just kept practising and am now settled into it all :)..Your turn is coming and heaven knows you sure deserve it!! It will be here before you folks know it.
I want to give a big welcome shout out to our new followers-I try to follow everyone who follows us-but blogger doesnt' seem to have an 'alert' stage as to when a new follower hops on board with us..so hello and welcome to you newbies-hope you enjoy following us. And if you have a blog we will be following you!
I just had a great skype visit with relatives back home in Cape Breton-and it sure was nice to catch up with that side of the family. 
Take care all & thank you for stopping by, and be safe out there! I'm off to catch up on blogs on this nice fast wifi.

Home is where you park it
"May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky~and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly"


  1. One place we always wanted to check out if we ever made it to Cedar Key was the Low Key Hideaway.
    The managers, Pat and Cindy, were fulltimers, and always seem to have a good time.

    Hope you bump into them ... Tnt

  2. No worries about your fuel getting skunky (or whatever it is that happens to diesel fuel, algae?) with moving around every few days/weeks.
    I'm certainly enjoying the ride.
    Have fun!

  3. Sitting outside, happy hour drink in hand...sounds great! It won't be long :)

  4. I am so glad you are enjoying your selfs and so happy you got to meet Mike and Janna. Loved seeing their Pink Rig in your picture.

  5. Sure that it is going to be another fun week for you both. Looks like Tucker is going to make the most of it. The park sure looks nice. We made your cabbage roll recipe, boy did it turn out great. Lolita loved it, was so tasty yet simple to put together.

  6. Gotta love movin about, new scenery, new faces so much country to see out there, enjoy.

  7. Cedar Key RV Resort is the same one we stayed in last summer... It is GREAT park!!! Just way out in the middle of no where ~ neverless we enjoyed it. Conveinent to Cedar Key... See my post on there at http://adventureswithtassie.blogspot.com/2011/09/got-clams.html

    Also if you want to check out our summer in the panhandle go to June thru August in 2011 and check out my post on where we stayed and what we did!

    Have fun & Travel safe

  8. looks like a great place..enjoy the 'neighbourhood'!!..I am sure there will be plenty of 'happy hours' with Mike and Janna!!

  9. Nice looking spot, looks like you're going to be quite comfy there!

  10. Look forward to hearing about this place. We have never been there. Hope you have fun!

  11. We'll 2nd the Low-Key-Hideaway, stop in for their sunset celebration. Pat and Cindy are great folks.

  12. Now out in the West country we would call that rig PINK but I guess the light is a little different on the Eastern Seaboard.