Thursday, May 6, 2010

Was hard to post last evening..after our day with Becky !! Saying our 'So long for now"

It was a good day, we shopped some, visited with Becky's new family, we all went out for supper, then back to their home for a visit...was very hard to say good bye :( but Becky is happy, Matt is a great guy so we feel we are leaving her in 'good hands'...They have promised to come home to visit soon..I'm hoping for Christmas..We are heading for Nashville today for a couple of days...not going right into Nashville but 20 miles outside in Lebanon..we will drive the car into Nashville, the shows are still going on etc..

Becky and Matt

Our new son-Matt

Me and my girl

Daddy and his girl
Gwen (Beckys mom in law) Becky and Melissa (Beckys sister in law)

Melissa and Gwen Beckys sister in law and mother in law

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  1. I am sure it was very hard to say good bye to Becky, but like you say, you know she is in good hands. Have a safe trip to Nashville, Can't wait to see you! It seems like you left YEARS ago...although I bet it just seems like days to you.