Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tis a beautiful Sunday here in Pigeon Forge in the Mountains

G'day a gorgeous hot and sunny day here in PF....just finished cleaning the rig..and doing laundry..awaiting the arrival of Beck and Matt for the day ...think we will all be poolside today...
Yesterday we went to breakfast before our boys left to head back to TO....its always hard saying good bye..the weather has been great...some massive storms around us but not affecting us and hopefully will pass us by. We are suppose to head to Memphis tomorrow (Monday)...dependent upon the weather and the tornado warnings...Beck Matt Rick and I visited Dolly Wood again yesterday afternoon and evening..took in some of the shows and had dinner are some pictures of yesterday...have a super day everyone...

Breakfast Saturday Morning

Saying goodbye to the boys

Breakfast Saturday morning

This is so precious~there doesn't always have to be the same blood to make a family~
All good things~must come to an end...:(
I was ready to trade the motorhome for this car love it!!! (Dollywood)
Sadly I remember these 'drive in' take outs...telling my age here

Thats all for now folks...heading to the pool yall have a super fine day...hugs from our home on wheels to yours....


  1. True how true:
    "This is so precious~there doesn't always have to be the same blood to make a family~"

    But if you look back 25yrs ago, he would've had her in a strangle hold and I would've been kicking her....

    Kinda shows though that everything has a way of working out huh ;-)

    Glad to see you are still having a good time.


  2. We are Tracey....the kids just left for up the mountain...we will all meet in Memphis tomorrow...we had another big day today. Miss you and love you and Hannie..xoxox