Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Large Day ;)

Today was another great day...|Becky and Matt met us here...we went poolside for an hr or so...then we were off to the outlets for some shopping. We went to Wonder Works today that was pretty cool...I can't believe it we've been on the road one month today...and it seems like only a couple of days.

Tomorrow we head out on our next adventure...we are off to Memphis for a few days to visit with Matt and Becky..they also head home tomorrow to Memphis...It was a glorious day here today...we also toured Gatlinburg before calling it a day...did some street walking there in and out of all the little shops...and we had dinner out today also...

Here are some pictures of our day's adventures....hopefully I'll be able to post when we hit Memphis tomorrow evening..its going to be a longggg day for us approximately 8 hours from our home on wheels to yours have  a super evening...hugs to all our loved ones...
pool time

Foothills RV park
Foothills RV park
upside down building
this was cool this is the ceiling but its upside downthe space crew

Flight SimulatorRick laying on a bed of nails 
Downtown Gatlinburg

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