Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dollywood Theme Park all day today with Beck, Matt, Craig and Rob

Today we did Dollywood Theme Park..and what a place it was!! We started out by going out for breakfast..thanks Rob and Craig for treating us all...then onto the theme park...a great time was had by all...basically we had three kids with us..Becky, Rick, and Craig...they were running in all directions..Matt joined in a few times..but those three were like kids at a carnival...on and off rides attractions etc. Rick and Craig I think were on every roller coaster was nice to see..Rob and I were the 'sensible' ones of the pack...but we also enjoyed some of the less 'fearful' attractions...we ended the day with a nice supper..thanks Becky and Matt for treating us all..rounding that off with a nice bonfire back at our motor home..tomorrow morning Craig and Rob leave to head back to Ontario..after breakfast...I plan to cook a big breakfast for everyone..and Matt and Becky will join us also...then we have to run to Knoxville to return Matt's tux ~ then we four plan to hit dolly wood rides tomorrow I don't think...but we do want to see some of the 'shows' there...
Its midnight here and I'm we're off to are some pictures from today's adventures....

On the Tram going from the parking lot to the Park...

In the Park

Craig and Rick went on this RC

And survived it

yup they did this one too

We had to do the tourist shot

Ok, Matt and I got on this attraction..We got to squirt ppl with water guns..but they GOT us...we were sitting 
ducks as we were the only ones on it so everyone go US....

And got us good they did...we were soaked..thanks Beck and CRAIG!!! this was a dryer you stood in, but wow it didn't dry much for us...thank heavens it was hot out...

Craig and Beck found
On the old steam engine train that went all around the park

Loved this ride...but still look like a drowned

Craig keeps everyone laughing!!

Of course the "kids" did the bumper cars

Dolly's travel bus which she traveled in for 15 yrs..its a gorgeous Prevost...retired it 3 yrs ago and got a new one..

Her bedroom on the bus

Her Makeup room on the had bunks for her 3 staff that traveled with her..all furniture was had 2 was a wower for sure...

When we returned home this little 'dove' was sitting on the arm of our chair...and it stayed right there..we shone the flashlight on it etc..what a friendly little bird she was...Beck noticed her first...she even let us take a picture of theres a love sign for you!!!

Isn't she sweet???

Nighty Night everyone....ta ta for now from our home on wheels to yours...have a super weekend...

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