Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Update for Saturday Sunday and Monday

HI all just a quick update..we've been very busy visiting with  Cathy and Brent, and Duffers...we motored onto Newport TN Saturday for the night and then came onto Shelby NC on Sunday...we are having a great time..even tho we brought the rainy weather with us...we were suppose to leave and motor on today..but they talked us into staying another day..so we are heading out on Wed..to motor toward home...

Here are some pics of our drive down..lovely scenery...and our visit

Cathy Brent and Rick

View from their deck

Cathy and Brent's backyard


drive in from Newport

Here are some pics of our drive down..lovely scenery...

McDuff-the boy
The boy

Lilly and her protector

Brent Cathy Me and Rick

Happy Hour

That's all folks....we're still having a great time....touch base with you all soon, hugs from our home on wheels to yours....will add to the Nashville visit with pics at another time...

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