Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday and Monday travels

Yesterday (Sunday) we motored safely to Salisbury MA...and spent the night at Black Bear we motored onto Bangor Maine..and are at the "Pumpkin Patch" for the night one of our fav campgrounds in Bangor...tomorrow we may head onto Moncton...:)
The Salisbury Beach in Salisbury MA it was gorgeous

The strip to the beach

The strip to the beach on the other side of the road the beach was just at the end of the street..the street ended and it was nothing but beach..very cool

Well tomorrow we will probably arrive has been a wonderful wonderful vacation to say the least. We have enjoyed every minute of it, and the time has passed by in a flash. So much has happened and we've seen so many things..and been to so many places...We have crossed 12 states !!! And some of them more than we got to attend Becky and Matt's wedding which was an added bonus!! We got to spend time with Craig and Rob...its been totally amazing...totally amazing....we are not sad to be going home, we miss all of our family and it will be good to see them. Then it will be time to start planning our next vacation...we are thinking we will be traveling most of this summer and into the fall so thats something to look forward to :) Take care all and I'll post once we arrive safe and sound at home...hugs from our home on wheels to yours...from Rick myself and Lilly.

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  1. It was so awesome to hear your voice on the phone telling me that you were home. We missed ya lots........glad you FINALLY got the vacation you both so richly deserve!