Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Graceland Memphis TN today-Tuesday May 4~2010

The Home of Elvis Presley...and what an amazing place it was. We spent the day there today with Becky...everything is the same as it was when Elvis was alive and still lived was very interesting to see his home, all his artifacts, the grounds etc...amazing place. I for one would revisit 'Graceland'...we visited again at Becky and Matt's...and enjoyed another lovely supper prepared by Becky and Gwen...tomorrow evening is our last night in town..we plan to head to Nashville for the weekend...what an amazing trip this has are some pics from today..
This was his puddle jumper plane for short tripsDining roomtypical retro 70's kitchenHis grave is also on the property, as well as that of his mom's dads, grandmother's and brother...the grounds were amazing and the place was massive his living room had a 15 foot long couch~his big plane was fantastic...there was a seating area, couches everywhere, a games room, a bedroom and 3 bathrooms..he used to use this big aircraft on his long hauls and family vacations. They would all board the plane take off and party on was alot like a motorhome inside...I took almost 100 pics of Graceland..amazing place...His swimming pool

Ok I am off to bed..its been a longggg day...from our home on wheels to yours have a happy day tomorrow

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  1. It sounds like you are having a MARVELOUS trip. It has been a long time coming. I am so happy to hear the relaxation in your voice. You certainly sound stress free! Good for you!

    I would love to visit Graceland someday too. Someday.....

    Have fun, relax, and enjoy!

    Miss ya lots!!!