Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sunning our BUNS !!! Important Reminder Folks!

Yup some of us are 'sunning' our buns at our stix and bricks and its not me!!!

Its Master "Tucker"...hanging over the back of the sofa having a snooze and sunning his buns!!! 

I have been chatting with other RV friends, some are heading south, some are already there, and some are anticipating travel within the next few weeks (us included I hope).

Please everyone- I want to take this opportunity to remind you all to check your detectors and make SURE they are in working order. It can be chilly this time of year-we have the furnaces and propane fireplaces etc running in our rigs. And generators -if we are in extreme cold or heat and are boondocking.  I've recently spoken to a few folks who have unplugged and unhooked their detectors because they were beeping etc. Repair, replace if necessary and above all test your detectors. It is not worth the risk being without them. They are 'lifesavers' to say the least.

Remember the five bikers at a rally last year that didn't wake up in the morning. They were running a generator and the carbon monoxide leaked and sadly I don't think there was a working detector on board. It is a silent killer. 

Your propane and Co2 detectors need to be high on the top of your priority list for maintenance. They all have an expiry date so check that out also.

Propane is one of the most convenient, energy efficient, portable fuels available. Spring a leak and its also one of the most harzardous problems you'll have to deal with in your RV. Same goes for carbon monoxide folks. 

So please everyone take five minutes to test, repair and be sure to replace your detectors if necessary-personally I wouldn't be caught dead without them.

And remember to turn your clocks back tonight :)

Take care all and be safe out there!! 

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  1. Good to remind people about their detectors and did you know that they actually have an expiry dates ,CO and propane both. We just replaced both of ours last year. Not cheap but necessary!

  2. I LOVE the photo of Tucker--does he do that often???

  3. he does that all the time Janna..hes quite the turkey

  4. Nice photo! Thanks for the public service reminders. Very timely...and welcome.

  5. Tucker and Turkey seem to go hand in hand or rather paw in paw!..'pawsome' shot of your Tucker! cute!!!..
    great reminder about the detectors..they are there for a reason!!

  6. That photo is hilarious! And thanks for the safety reminder.

  7. I want to sun my buns just like Tucker....maybe tomorrow.

    Good safety tip. Gracias

  8. Great photo of Tucker!

    Thanks for the reminders! I'll double check ours again as I have nothing but time on my hands now and I've even got an extra hour!

  9. Ah that Rick - lording it over to the rest of us now that he is in the warmer weather. LOL!

    Yea, one of my fears, a fire in the RV. Those things go up so fast. Good advice there.

  10. Lolita and I loved the picture of Tucker, we got a good chuckle. Our Lilly will move from room to room to sun herself as the sun makes it's way around the house. Thanks for the safety reminder. Glad your travel days are fast approching.