Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Counting Down-How Many More Sleeps?

So the countdown is on!! 26 more sleeps; that is less than a month :) The furkids are pretty anxious to get going. They have been hanging quite close to the door - just in case we try to leave without them. They don't seem to be sleeping as much as they usually do and are constantly on alert.

I'm watching you!!

Is it time to go ? huh huh is it mom?

We had the other kids again today for awhile-those grand little grands . Our daughter had surgery on Friday and is doing well. So we picked up the girlies at daycare after school, brought them home with us for supper, then while Rick did the dishes (not a big chore with the dishwasher) I popped one into the tub and one into the shower, got them all cleaned up and hair done and into jammies. We then delivered them back home to their parents-with their bed snacks; Tim Hortons candy cane hot chocolate and a big chocolate chunk cookie each.

I must mention that when they were here decorating on the weekend they did not know what "mistletoe was" - so we gave them both a lesson in the purpose of mistletoe. I think our mistletoe is about 30 years old, but hey it still serves it purpose. 

Well being 7 years old you have a memory like an elephant and forget nothing. This evening every time poppa or I stepped or walked under that mistletoe they both dove on us at the speed of light. Oh they make me chuckle and they both make my heart sing. I love their innocence and honesty. We are sure going to miss them while we travel-thank heavens for  today's technology such as skype and IChat video visiting.

We did join passport america today..and we are looking into good sams. Rick is trying to decipher the good sams information and merger. Thank you all for your input it is much appreciated. When we have an rv question or travel concern my first thought is to go ask you, our blogger family. And you always seem to have the answer :)

Also a great big thank you to any and all new followers. I sure wish blogger had a way of alerting us when we have a new follower, but alas they do not, so I do not always notice (I tend to be technically challenged as most of you know). We truly do appreciate each and everyone of you new or old. And I love reading all of your blogs, and travelling along with you throughout the good travel days and also the not so good travel days. 

So now we count down, and hope and pray for decent 'get outta town weather' come Dec. 27th-I have lists for my lists and it seems every time I pick up my clipboard to add or scratch something off the furkids go on alert. How funny-they have always associated my clipboard with motorhome! Its like get out the leash-they bounce around "its walkie time" -try writing on the clipboard "its motorhome time"...why they label them dumb animals is beyond my comprehension-they certainly are not dumb.

Oh oh Rick is standing under the mistletoe time for me to dash off...catch you all later..have a super evening..and be safe out there!!!

Home is where you park it
"May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky~and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly"


  1. Our little poodle gets all nervous when we start to carry stuff out. He is afraid we might leave him.

  2. So did Rick catch you!!!!!???

    Really only 26 sleeps? Great face shots of the fur kids!

    Just think what you were thinking a few months back!!! Now all has changed for the best!!

    Ain't life grand:))

  3. Life is grand..but we still have one hurdle to get over before the 27th I'm afraid to post it in case I jinx it..so will let you all know when it happens :)

  4. sounds like you have been having a 'grand time'!...enjoy!!..not to worry, Tucker and Lily I don't think you will be left behind!!

  5. Love the shots of the furkids. They are sure a lot smarter than some folks give them credit for. Happy 26 sleeps!!

  6. They know! And if they don't know, it doesn't take long to figure out by association (the clipboard) or a change in routine.
    This is probably why it's all for the best that I don't have a dog, since the dog would most likely be smarter than me.
    Sad but true.

  7. Don't forget if you head across our USA you are welcome to stop for a few days at the Weeb Ranch, We can build a wood fire in the fireplace in the kitchen for you to feel at home. Rigg's would like to meet your two also, He loves other dogs. Be safe out there, EH, Sam & Donna...

  8. Thats good that its all coming together and the time will fly by.

  9. With Christmas fast approaching, the time till departure is going to fly by. Our dogs sense when we're getting ready to go to - as soon as we start taking stuff out to the 5'er they begin to get very excitable!

  10. We'll race you to the border....but I think you'll be ahead of us by a couple of days!

    It is great to have the technology to communicate with family and friends when traveling.

  11. Sounds like it was fun decorating with the grands. The fur kids sure look cute in the pictures. With all the holidays and preparing to leave the next 26 sleeps should go by fast.

  12. You can't go wrong joining P/A. Also, always consider looking for COE parks.

    Your time is fast approaching. Ours, too, in a way. Been back in NJ for a spell. We leave early again January and don't expect to return for about a year.

    You are right - animals have a sense. Our cat always knows when we are getting ready to move on. Come to think of it - might be because we move his litter box to the back floor of the truck?

    Waiting to hear lots when you actually get on the road!

  13. the anticipation builds. Seems like that day never comes, but it will. Trust me.

  14. We joined your blog. Happy travels to you!