Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and Patient Update!!

Happy Halloween from Lilly and Tucker!!

I've spent most of the evening trying to catch up on all my blog is so nice to be back home. Rick is resting and recovering. I'm doing my best with the nagging to keep him laying low but I have to say its not an easy job. He is doing very well and I have to say he truly is a good patient, as long as I nag. Something of which I am not very good at - but I'm learning. 

We geared up for a lot of ghosts and goblins this evening but only had 3. I remember when we used to have 300. I miss the little ones and the cute costumes.

A visit from the 'grands' is always a pick me up
Caitlin and Hannah

I am very tired from the trip and have not slept well since we left home on the 24th, and I feel like I'm coming down with a nasty cold. Mind you the nasty rain and snow from yesterday doesn't help one feel too chipper.

The furkids were extremely happy to see me yesterday when I went to pick them up from the sitter's. I was very worried about them returning home and jumping all over Rick but it is like they knew something was up with Daddy and they were very gentle with him.

Shouldice Hospital is the place to go for hernia surgery. They definitely know what they are doing, and have all their ducks in a row. They perform 34-35 of these surgeries daily. I did feel they maybe gave Rick too many drugs..he was high for the whole day. The procedure is performed under a local which is probably a good thing. He sure doesn't remember anything. They gave him 2 atavan, 1 oxycotton, gravol and 2 percocets. No wonder he didn't remember anything. This is a man who hardly ever takes even a tylenol. He has been managing the pain level since with tylenol and hasn't taken any since Saturday. 

Hey --it worked for "Big Momma" 

Betcha they didn't do Big Momma the Olive Baboon with a local

I stayed with my cousin Alice and her husband Russ and I was treated like a queen. It was nice to be able to visit with them. I was chauffeured  daily to the hospital to visit Rick- over an hour away. Everyone should have family like mine. 

 I wrestled the doctor on Wednesday to let Rick out on Thursday-yup I turned on the charm -and it worked. So we had a couple of good days with them before we flew back home on Saturday evening. 

Now is recovery time, then we will plan to head south. We have company arriving for christmas so it will be the end of December by the time we haul out of here. 

It is nice to finally catch up on all of you-it is amazing how much you miss the blog reading during times like this. Take care all and stay safe. Time to go watch Rick eat all the left over candy.

Home is where you Park it
"May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky~and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly"


  1. The furkids and the grands both look delightful. I love the little ones all dressed up on Halloween. I even enjoy the not so little ones!

    Glad Rick is doing well. Great story about "Big Momma"! Sure wouldn't want her to wake up in the middle of surgery.

  2. Glad the recovery is going well! Those pills are amazing and a bit scary:)

  3. glad that Rick is on the road to recovery!!..lying low is hard some days!!...
    happy halloween..Tucker and Lilly looks so cute but so so do the grandkids!!

  4. Loved the photos of the dogs in their Halloween attire! Thanks for sharing the pics of the Grands, too. Keep Rick down and tell him to take care of himself.

  5. So glad that Rick is doing much better. Tell him to stay out of the candy...!

  6. So good that Rick is getting along well. Won't be long when he will be good as new.

    Funny story (if offended by it sorry in advance). A few years back Leonard had knee surgery for a torn meniscus. Dr prescribed Oxycontin. He never was in much pain so never took it. About a year ago he hurt his back while we were on a NOMADS project. After a few days of suffering with it he decided he needed relief. He asked me if we still have those ICY CONDOMS. What? Hey guy watch what you're asking for! Do I look in the medicine cabinet or the freezer.

  7. good one Phyllis :)..hahah-thank you everyone for your comments and good wishes...

  8. Back to a normal routine. Rick will heal quickly. I know it sounded like a lot of meds but then his system didn't have to work thru the anesthetic so overall I think he is ahead. Tucker doesn't look too happy in his costume.

  9. So glad that Rick is doing well and that your trip and the surgery all worked out. Yeah, I don't think that doctor did Big Momma's operation with just a local either! What a story that doctor has to tell.

    Enjoy the the planning of your trip and before you know it the time will fly by. Not so sure about the weather though!

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. so glad that all is well! Fur kids do have a sense that is unexplainable.

  11. Nice to hear the positive feedback about Shouldice. I was really only going on what was told to me by a fellow who had his surgery there, but that was a while ago. Seems they know their stuff.
    Enjoy your time at home.

  12. Glad to hear that Rick's surgery went well and that you are home safe. Take care!

  13. With all that nagging, did Rick share any of that candy with you? ;c)