Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Time moves along one day at a time

Its been 2 weeks today since I had my procedure done to fix my hernia and I have been under the watchful eye of my dear wife to not do anything to damage the wonderful work that was performed. Well that pretty well limits one to what they can do to pass the time.
Does anybody have any idea how many RV type blogs there are ? I am still finding new ones. Google Maps has provided me the mileage to various locations south of the “medicine line” ( JB) and street views of all major intersections and entrances to RV parks. Have no idea now where to go they all look like good destinations. It will be South to start with but then do we head west (Arizona maybe) or stay with the East coast (Florida) has still to be determined.
RV Park Reviews goes hand in hand with Google maps just by searching for campgrounds in maps you can get all the names of campgrounds in a area and then you can check them out in RV Park reviews and in there if you have lots of time ( I do) you can look at older reviews as well.
When the blogs have been read the map has been checked and the campground selected what is left? Well there are the forums like RVNet, IRV2, and each of those alone have various sections that have to be browsed on a daily basis, never know when someone will need to know how to dump their black tanks or what kind of toilet paper they should use.
Now when the brain goes into information overload there is always walking of which we have been trying to do every day and we have been having beautiful weather for getting outside 15C and sunny today.
Sunday was a wonderful sunny day so Elaine and I decided it was time to get out and see something different for a change. There has been a major project about 30km south of us to build a wind farm and we have tried before to find it but failed. We loaded the furkids in the car and took off on an adventure into the backwoods and hills of Albert Co in search of the big windmills.  
DSCN1182 DSCN1174
Kent Hills Wind Farm
We found them along with some left over snow from the storm that went up the east coast a week ago. We ended up driving about 130km and seeing some of the beautiful countryside right here in our own backyard. Having worked for the telephone company for many years I had built pole lines and ran cable on most of these back roads but that was a few years ago and had a little trouble navigating the area but we made it back home.
Tomorrow for excitement we are taking Ossumer to have his front end alignment done that should take up a couple of hours and when that is finished on our way home we will have the propane and diesel tanks topped off, then he will be all ready to hit the road. Hopefully we will make it back home by 4:00PM so we can watch Dr. Phil. Sound like a fun filled day?


  1. ...but then do we head west (Arizona maybe) or stay with the East coast (Florida)

    Why limit yourself to the U.S...? :-)


  2. I spent a summer looking after a drilling program down in Albert County so if you get time send me a Lat and Long for that wind farm. It will be interesting to see if it is somewhere I roamed.

  3. John this is as close as I can get

    45° 48′ 20″ N, 64° 53′ 45″ W

  4. how many Rv blogs?..my goodness..I would say, too many to count or read!!

  5. Rick, I must say you're using your time very well. No really, I mean it, but I do understand that you might be longing for some different excitement, like in the real world. But seeing the home country is nice too, and it seems you had a great trip. Where to go in the winter? Arizona is so darn far away. (we just made it) but if you are looking for the warmest and best weather, why not try it? Or just across the border into California. Something more to check out for you I guess. Get well!

  6. Well, when you do leave and wherever you go, you are going to be well researched and prepared.

    East or West would be good, south of the border to Mexico - not so good as far as I'm concerned!

  7. Lots of time to research and options to choose. We just keep going back to Arizona taking the long way from Ontario, to Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, and hang around Arizona and California for a few months then journey back to Ontario. We enjoy the different scenery and the journey as we go, with no final destination in mind other than back to Ontario in six months.

    Mexico is fun too!

  8. Glad you're feeling better and were able to get out and enjoy some scenery. Hope you find some warm and wonderful destinations for this winter.

  9. Wherever your big wheels take you will be a new adventure. We're so fortunate for the choices afforded us.

  10. Glad you're on the mend. Not fun surgery, but the results should be gooder than new.

    Take it easy and heal well so you can try out for Dancing with the Stars... ;c)

  11. Glad to hear your out and about. Enjoyed the pictures. Suprised to see that they are building the wind farms in your area also. In Palm Springs area their are hundreds of these.

  12. Great to see you posting! Does it really matter where you go, the important thing is that you are going to go! PROGRESS! Just get somewhere warm as soon as you can/