Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tornado Watch, upgraded to Warning and Possible Evacuation!!

Had a slow lazy morning-we headed into town in the afternoon to pick up a weather radio, and do some shopping. We had a nice supper at Cracker Barrel on the way home. Boy I love that place they have the greatest food. We had new neighbours all around us- Pit Masters in town for a competition in Pensacola. Mike Hallman from NC stopped over to visit and have a happy hour drink with us. He was a vendor and judge at the competition. I got two different rubs from him and 2 bottles of sauce. yum...we watched tv and hit the sack early.
Up fairly early, checked the computers, the weather, and enjoyed our coffee. Showered and dressed and off we went to the Gulf Breeze Zoo. Had a super afternoon there...I can't upload pics as wifi is too slow but will add them all later. The skys were turning so we made our way back home. We turned on the weather radio and I thought the sirens were going to drive us all crazy during the evening. Poor Tucker howled a few times. Rick went to the office to check out what procedures were in place as our county was upgraded from watch to warning. The office said as soon as the siren went off we were to all leave our rigs and come to the office/club house for further instructions. We prepared for that possibility. Packed a small bag with dog food, bottled water, our medications, toothbrushes etc etc. Packed up one laptop, made sure the cell was charged..laid our rain coats on the front seats, and made sure all our keys were in my purse with passports etc. and flashlights on the dash. And we sat back and continued to listen to our weather radio with bated breath. Thankfully the tornado went around us altho the warning was extended from midnight to five am!! We did sleep some, but it sure wasn't a restful sleep, waiting for that radio to screech at us.  In Mississippi our daughter was at work under a stairwell for 45 minutes. We were pretty worried about her. Thankfully she is ok.

We got up early this morning packed up just before the rain hit and we pointed the rig toward Pontchartrain Landing in New Orleans-we arrived around 2:30. Traffic was a bit heavy but the roads were good and other than a few showers all was well. This resort is lovely-has a nice marina-honors PA and Good Sams. Gated community and very secure. They even have a trolly to take you into the FQ. The resort is new since Katrina..tomorrow we plan to head into the French Quarter and tour around. Ok we're off to the resort bar, for wings and pizza and who knows what else :)...they have live entertainment tonight also...catch you all later...and be safe out there..thanks for stopping by...
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  1. Yikes...glad you are safe. Saw Linda (RV dreams) posting on FB about the warnings..they are in GA. Scary weather!

    We have been getting high winds all day, but not enough to bother me, though George is pacing ;) The river looks like a lake with white caps!

    Have fun!

  2. Glad you are safe...where are you anyway?

  3. Thank God your daughter is ok. We were in three tornadoes in OK City last May. When the sirens went off, we grab our bag, Bella and headed for the tornado shelters which were the bathrooms. We divided the dog owners in one bathroom and cat owners in another. We were there about an hour and half. All went well. ~wheresweaver

  4. Scary! Those storms are not playing nice this year. Glad you and your daughter are safe.

  5. New Orleans? And people think Mexico is dangerous?

  6. glad to hear that you are all safe and sound!..quite the tornado storm that is creating alot of havoc in the southeast!!

  7. Sure hope that the scary weather will be over soon.
    We love the French Quarter. Of course you have to have a bagnet and coffee from Cafe du Monde, and a muffaletta from Central Grocer !!
    Take care ... TnT

  8. Karen we're in Pontchartrain Landing what a nice secure gated park...its new since Katrina and its beautiful...Kevin-no more dangerous than any other US Canada or Mexico city I'm just needs to be aware-the weather is beautiful here today and we're heading to the French Quarter to tour around. The resort has a trolly.
    TnT I will do that :)

  9. Glad you made it through the storms safe and sound! Kudos to you for getting the weather radio. A "Must Have" for any RVer!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. We have weathered quite a few tornado watches and warnings now, about 4 last spring on our way home.

    Love the French Quarter daytime on the weekends. Have been there many times, lots to see but would never venture out there at nightime. We Always stay In Abita Springs on the north shore. Have fun.

  11. Love New Orleans; the French Quarter with its blues pubs, and the food...Cafe' du monde included.

    Enjoy your time there.

  12. Wow, you have been surrounded by lots of action.

    I am impressed that you were so organized for 'the just in case" scenario. When Mother Nature calls you have to sit up and listen.

    Last year Colin was in Culiacan and I had to prepare for a tsunami, they actually cleared everyone off the beach here. Very scary.

  13. Glad you didn't have any problems ~ Have fun in New Orleans...Travel safe!
    Donna & Ralph

  14. SO glad you werent hit. We were heading to New Orleans and turned back around. We may just be chickens with the storms. We so were looking forward to seeing New Orleans and Pensacola. But another time. Glad you have good weather now. Enjoy!