Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mama Hamil's....

Today we were up bright and early, enjoying our coffee and trying to read blogs and catch up with everyone. We left here around noon and headed over to Becky and Matt’s to meet up for brunch. We had lunch at “Mama Hamil’s” and a fantastic lunch it was. Of course there was corned beef and cabbage dinner on the buffet and of course I had some. Mama Hamils  is like a big barn two levels, and a massive buffet. The food was delicious. So if your ever in the Ridgeland MS area be sure to make a stop there for some good eating.
My baby and Me..

Rick Becky and I

Tractor outside Mama Hamils

A lonely Sail boat against a beautiful sunny sky

The kids then took us for a drive to see some of the areas around the Reservoir. Becky had to be to work for 3pm so we returned to their place around 2:30pm. Rick and I headed off for a visit to wally world to pick up some supplies as tomorrow is ‘heading out day’. It will definitely be hard to leave these kids tomorrow and I know I’ll be leaving a piece of my heart behind. Take care all and have a blessed Sunday!! Our next post will be from Helena Alabama (Birmingham area).
Home is where you Park it...!!


  1. hard to leave the kids behind..but be thankful for the visit that you did have with travels as you head north!!

  2. Thank goodness you have a motorhome so there will always be a next time.

    Nothing better than time with family.

  3. Hope you got lots of hugs to hold you over until next time. What a lovely daughter you have.

  4. It is so hard leaving our kids... I'll be doing that in 2 weeks. Excited about getting on the road but will definately miss the grandkids and our family!!! I have seeing you guys to look forward to though!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. Good visit with family!. Yes, it's hard to leave. That said, we wish you a great drive to your next destination.

  6. Safe travels and enjoy the new adventure.

  7. Wonderful photo of the three of you. Glad you are having such a great time with your daughter. ~whereswaver