Monday, March 19, 2012

A Hairy Drive Today!!

We are safe and sound parked up in Commerce GA...but what a ride today. We left Alabama around 9:30 and for the first part of the drive- traffic was bearable. We took the by pass around Atlanta, and it was unreal. At times we were boxed in by 5 tractor trailers, in 6 lanes wide of traffic. Not sure my nerves can handle this sort of travel. Thankfully Rick is a very good cautious driver, I just shiver in my seat. It seems everyone in Al and GA can't drive without a cell phone glued to their ear. We saw more vehicles with cell phone drivers then not..go figure and how in heck do you concentrate on your driving while talking on a phone. 
Tomorrow we head for Hendersonville NC to visit with my Aunt Kay. I am so I have no recollection of ever meeting her. She did meet me when I was little. My dad had 8 sisters and they all relocated to the US when they grew up. My dad stayed local and he was the only boy and the oldest in the family and was only 14 when his mom passed away. Aunt Kay is the only one left of this large family and I am so excited to meet her and my cousins that I am not sure I'll sleep tonight. This picture is of my dad and 7 of his 8 sisters. They are all gone now except for Aunt Kay the one sitting next to dad in the blue and white stripped dress. This is the last family picture which was taken two months before Daddy passed away unexpectedly. 

So I am pretty excited about sitting down for a good chin wag with her!! So excited that I had to burn off energy so I got busy in the 88F weather today and hauled out the green machine and scrubbed all my carpets in the MH so the time would pass faster.

Take care all, stay safe out there and thanks for stopping by.

Home is Where you Park it!!


  1. We don't even have a cell phone, let alone trying to understand the need to have one glued to the side of your head all the time.

    Yeah, traffic like that is not fun.

  2. I don't mind the cell phone drivers, now the texting drivers using both hands and steering with their knees are the ones that bother me.

    Glad you survived all those trucks closing in on you.

  3. Oh, my gosh, Elaine, we can so relate to the stress of travel days in busy cities.

    We just know that Rick will get you where you need to be safe and sound !!

    Take care ... TnT

  4. We hope you have a wonderful and enlightening visit. Hope your Aunt can help you understand what it was like for them growing up. Enjoy! ~wheresweaver

  5. I have no intentions of ever trying out the traffic machine in Atlanta,GA. I have enough as it is with a lot of other big cities.
    That is one amazing family pic of your Dad with his sisters. Think about having "just" sisters. Must've been hard for your Dad.:-))

  6. Interesting that such a large portion of the family moved to the States. Would have been maybe in the 40s?
    It's a curious thing, since our family very nearly moved to the States as well. My Dad had gone down to work in New England somewhere, (this would have been in the early forties, long before I popped onto the scene) and he wanted to move the whole family down there. I guess they decided not to, for whatever reason, (probably my Mom talked him out of it) but it sure makes ya think about what could have happened.

  7. Pet peeve! Cell phones, distracted driving of any type. Tailgating!! Glad you made it safely.

  8. Very exciting for you to meet your aunt. I'm sure you will have a great visit. Imagine your dad growing up in a house with all those girls!

  9. Wow! You must be so excited to meet you Aunt. How lucky you are able to stop and see her. Enjoy the visit!

  10. Hendersonville, NC you will love it!!! A really cute little town ~ it's been a long time since we've been there but they use to have a lot of cute shops!!! GREAT photo of y our dad and his sisters ~ I know you will love hooking up with your Aunt Kay!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  11. Glad to hear you will be seeing your Aunt after all these years and meeting cousins also. The Atlanta traffic sounds as bad as LA. My parents left NB in the fifties before returning to Canada in 1970. I think at the time it had to do alot with work opportunities.

  12. You might want to tape some of your conversations so you don't miss anything.

  13. Enjoy your family visit, surely will be fun.

  14. I had college friends from Henderson but I never made it there myself. Have a great time with your aunt! And I can relate to the snarly traffic story!!!

  15. I can understand how excited you are to meet your aunt and your cousins. That will be a treat!

    It's perplexing to see so many drivers having to talk and/or text while driving! I like our laws here in BC (and Alberta most recently) that makes talking on a cell (texting too) without a hands free device, illegal. Also illegal is applying makeup, programming a GPS, iPod, and more, while driving.

    I worry more about people who drive with dogs and cats in their laps, or hanging over the steering wheel, while driving. YIKES!!!! I've seen too many lanes swerves and near misses with these distracted drivers.