Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ridgeland Mississippi-and Lovin it!!

New Orleans was 'fantastic'..we headed into town on Sunday for the day in the french quarter!! Bourbon Street and surrounding area was so much fun! 
Parked up at Ponchartrain Landing in New Orleans

Back view of the Clubhouse and Bar at resort

Resort Pool
Back view of the Bar/clubhouse area 
Ponchartrain Landing in NO is a great resort-gated, secure and very new. Lovely landscaping and everyone was very friendly. The bar was great fun and open from 3pm until midnight or later if you wanted it to be. I would definitely stay here again-the resort provided for 5.00/person/return a mini bus into the french quarter they drop you off at 10 am and you can get picked up at a designated area at 4pm and if you want to stay longer they send a shuttle out again at 8pm. We chose not to stay after dark so Rick and I and Carol and Bill returned on the 4pm shuttle. 
bar at resort

resort pool 

Some Pictures of Downtown New Orleans - French Quarter

bands on the streets for tips

Parked up at Ponchartrain Landing

Rick Bill Carol and I in a pub downtown New Orleans

Beautiful architecture

They wash the streets downtown NO with machines and spray soap everywhere I did ask our waitress where we had lunch why they did that every couple of hours-she told me that it was due to the smell of the sewers that were under the streets. After they washed the streets there was an 'orange' scent in the air! 
Monday we toured the San Francisco Plantation..another fab day-it was in Berryville out west of New Orleans..the mansion was gorgeous it was right on the Mississippi River. This property was purchased by an oil company and the house was restored (in the 70s)..we do love plantations. Rain water was gathered in those 'cisterns' and gravy fed into the mansion-therefore this mansion had running water.

the ceiling in the dining room

Our tour guide

big wrap around covered verandas

I could picture the southern belles arriving in horse drawn carriages and entering up over the stairs for a ball

Main doors on 2nd storey that were opened for  arrival of guests

Original old living oak trees

I really wanted to take pictures of the inside of this mansion but it was not permissible. But pictures or no pictures it will always be vivid in my mind. The architecture of this place was amazing. 

Today we motored onto Mississippi to Timberlake RV Resort right on the Ross Barnett Reservoir. Very nice resort but when I booked here they told me there was wifi at the site and there isn't. All resorts say there is wifi at the site..and it seems there never is. I do have my Canadian Telus stick with me but it is very slow. Currently we are at our daughter and son in law's home so I tagged onto their wifi to play catch up with you all. We will be here for 12 days so I may get my US verizon stick activated as I can't imagine no wifi or a slow canadian stick for 12 days. Take care all and stay safe out there!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Home is where you park it!


  1. We enjoy that area a ton. The park looks great. Love the bar right on the property. Don't have to worry about a designated driver.
    The mansion tour looks super. Rarely do they let you take pictures inside...darn!
    Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  2. enjoy your stay in NO!..the architecture is amazing!!.. a nice glass of lemonaide sitting on the veranda! that would be a great afternoon!!

  3. Nice tour. Looks like your weather is holding out.

  4. I've always wanted to go to NO..thanks for the pictures. We'll be there someday!

  5. We love NO as well and just keep coming back every year for more. Glad you enjoyed.

  6. Thanks for the tour(s). Definitely a place I'd love to visit. Nice looking RV park too!

  7. Nice expose' of the French Quarter in New Orleans. We enjoyed our visit there...and would not hesitate to return.

  8. Loved your photos, thanks for sharing.

    Have you checked the cost of using your Canadian stick in the US, I hear it is EXPENSIVE!!!

    Enjoy your family visit.

  9. thanks everyone..yes Contessa I had a cross border package on it...telus offers that but the service cross border sucked so today I got my verizon stick activated :)

  10. My Mom Carol Cooper is trying to email you but for some reasonit wont go thru. Could you please send an email to hers