Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's Put RICK to Work!!!!

This morning we started off our day having coffee together-Rick, Cathy and I and the planning of our day. Rick decided  whereas Brent was working-it would be nice of him, to get on the pretty green John Dear lawn tractor and mow all the property. Cathy and I discussed how Rick would have to take down the pretty new light fixture he installed yesterday, because he didn't realize there was a chip in the corner of it during said installation. (Men never seem to notice these things-we sure did after he had it all installed). And considering we had to exchange it at the store, we may as well do some shopping while we're out there. We arrived back around 4pm (the light fixture for exchange was still in the trunk) and we had mega parcels. We hit quite a few stores today, new sheets, treats for the furkids, a couple of new purses for me, new flops for Cathy and a host of other needed items :). By the time we got back home Brent was home from work so off we all went to Lowe's to exchange the fixture, purchase a new flush for one of their bathrooms, and earlier Cathy and I had been to a lighting store and picked up a new ceiling fan for their bedroom and a new ceiling fixture for the sitting area of their bedroom. So tomorrow Rick has to install a toilet, and three lighting fixtures. That ought to keep him busy. I'm thinking we'll rest tomorrow, and shop again on Thursday. Yup thats a good plan. Our furkids are enjoying being with Duffy.
Heres another picture of the handsome boy Duffy today-hard to believe hes almost 14
Rick and I also made a purchase at Lowe's today -here is what we picked up and needless to say we fired it up on their back deck to give it a try, during happy hour. 
Yup we bought a Webber Grill

We have part of their circular driveway looking like an RV Park

How's that for a view off the deck while firing up some burgers!! They sure live on a gorgeous Lake

It was another hot sunny day spent with wonderful friends. We are certainly enjoying our time here. We are having an rv related problem. We are hooked up to their outside tap but we think there is a problem with the fill valve as the fresh water tank keeps filling up and coming out the over flow. So we shut the water off and will try use up what is in the fresh water tank and Rick will have to find some time in his busy day tomorrow to take that apart and check things out. I'm hoping its an easy fix.
Take care all, thanks for stopping by, stay safe out there and remember:

"Home is where you park it"


  1. Nice grill and some good looking burgers. Lovely sunset picture.

  2. Definitely a nice grill.

    As far as the water problem there is a cheap plastic Check Valve that is supposed to stop the water from filling the holding tank. It's located after the 12 volt pump in the water system. The pump is normally next to the fresh water tank.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. What an incredible sunset and I can almost smell those burgers!

  4. what a lovely view from your 'rv park'!!...Duffy is a houndsome looking pooch!!

  5. Now you talkin a Weber grill. The best grill we have ever owned, and we use it almost every day year round. Burgers, steaks, chops, fish and even whole chickens no flair ups.

  6. Nice to hear you having a great time with your friends. A little shopping is always fun to. We love our Weber Q, cooks great and so easy on fuel. Beautiful view from the deck, thanks for sharing the picture. Duffy sure is a beautiful dog.

  7. Beautiful place to just stop and relax with friends. If Rick runs out of jobs just give me a call:)

  8. Yet another Weber. Congratulations. You'll enjoy the grill. It DOES cook a little faster than a BBQ, but you'll get used to it. We love ours. Both of them. We have a "Q" back home (with the wings) and the little guy over here. I think it's a "100" or something.

  9. Now that's a pretty nice RV park you're in..

  10. We also love Webers and Golden Retrievers ... lol.

    Enjoy your time with such great friends !!

    Good luck to Rick on all the installs ... lol.

    Safe travels, ... TnT

  11. Weber Grills are the best - we've had the same one as you for 5 years now and it's still grilling strong!

  12. Riggs is dreaming of the burger he stole the other night...
    yours look good

  13. We're Weber grill fans too; small, effective and efficient.

    You do like keeping Rick busy, I see!

  14. We have the same grill you just bought. Had it since 2008 and love it. Are you being northbound soon?
    Be safe on the road!