Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We Have Arrived!!!

We have arrived safe and sound at Adelaide Shores RV Resort in Avon Park Florida around 3pm today. It is a gorgeous Rv park. 

Jim and Dee from Tumbleweed are also here. They had us over for a lovely supper. Then they came to our rig for coffee. What a wonderful supper, thanks guys we truly appreciate it. 
It is so nice to arrive and not have to worry about getting supper, after getting setup (especially when you don't have all the groceries on board). Its so nice to be sitting parked with all the slides out and finally totally setup for at least the next month.

We took off for Walmart to pick up a few things upon arrival~plus we needed to find an ATM machine, as the park does not accept credit cards. Just cash or cheque. After shopping I noticed walmart had a cash machine~so I decided to use it versus trying to find a bank. Well suffice to say that was my first mistake. The machine jammed before giving me all the requested cash..and we had to wait beside the machine for over 30 minutes waiting for someone to come and open the machine and unjam it so we could finish our transaction. Thankfully once we found the 'right' person we got the rest of our cash and were on our way. We were only 5 minutes late for supper-but I hate being late for anything..especially supper!! :)

Supper was delicious - salad, home made spaghetti, garlic bread-and cake for desert. Wow did that all hit home with us considering we were travelling most of the day and pretty near starved to death.

Tomorrow will definitely be a rest day for us..and we will take a couple of strolls around the park and check the place out. After we clean the rig inside and out plus the car. We are on a nice end lot with no neighbours on the 'door' side of us...which is great for Lilly and Tucker boy.

Ok am off to check on our 'real' kids then hit the sack..knowing I don't have to get up in the morning and travel-which means I will sleep well tonight!!

Take care all...be safe out there...

Home is where you park it
Sometimes you have to forget whats gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to whats coming next”.
"May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky~and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly"

“Life is like a party. You invite a lot of people, some leave early, some stay, some laugh with you, some at you, some didn't come. But in the end, after the fun, there would be a few who would stay and help clean up the mess with you. And most of the time, those were the ones who didn't even make the mess: ) How true this is!!! “


  1. What nice friends to have supper waiting for you two. So glad you arrived safely and the park is lovely.
    Enjoy your day of rest.

  2. sounds like a delicious meal that Jim and Dee had waiting for you!!..should be a great stay!!..enjoy the sunshine!!

  3. That is a nice way to get settled in, with a meal with friends:)

  4. So nice to arrive at a new destination and have a dinner and friends waiting! What a treat.

  5. You caught a break with your RV spot. Yes, it is nice to roll in and have someone else prepare dinner. That was nice!

    You can now relax and enjoy a well deserved holiday. All the best,

  6. You couldn't have found better people than Jim & Dee we have met them twice when they visit there relatives in the St Louis area. Just good and fun people.I am sure you guys will enjoy your stay down there in Florida as long as the cold spell quits.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  7. Yay! Now a month of just relaxation. Yes, Jim & Dee are great people..met them at the Myrtle Beach RV-Dreamers rally. Fun people!

  8. Being at a Walmart you can get cash at the till, if you have bought something. Upto $100 I think an no fee!
    Enjoy your stay in FL.

  9. Nice that you are now warm, comfortable and with friends, enjoy the sunshine!

  10. Awesome.


    How is cleaning the rig inside and out, plus the car, anything remotely close to "a rest day for us"?
    Apparently I don't understand New Brunswick humour.

    What about that whole "retirement thing"? Y'know, when "Every day is Saturday"?

    Just sayin'.

  11. Glad to hear you arrived safely. Sounds like you are off to a good start with that nice dinner shared with your friends Jim and Dee. I am sure it will be a fun month there for the both of you enjoy.

  12. Isn't it nice to set up camp, and know that you do not have to move for a little while.
    Enjoy your time with such nice friends !!
    Take care ... TnT