Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Great Wednesday!!

Today was a great day! We were expecting a severe storm-according to the weather forecast-we had maybe 10-15 minutes of rain if that. No thunder as forecasted-we were all prepared with awnings put away and chairs folded up. Now had we not been prepared it would probably have hit us hard. My only sadness today was my forever 'present' accidentally got broken. Rick was batting down the hatches and it fell off the table outside and smashed to smithereens.
My forever present is no more :(

Tomorrow we are forecasted to be sunny and warm at 78F. We can sure handle that.

I cleaned the MH this morning, did all the closet, reorganized all the drawers in the dresser, linen closet and kitchen drawers. Rick took a trip to Wally World to get a hair cut and pick up a few things.

I cooked a Cape Breton Jiggs Dinner-(boiled dinner) and today was a good cloudy day to eat a Jiggs dinner. Ham, potatoes, carrots, turnip, onions and cabbage all cooked in the same pot. Instead of water I do it 'Cape Breton' style and cook it in 'orange crush pop' or 'soda' for you american friends. I made biscuits, and we had triple layer coconut cake for desert.
Jiggs Dinner Cape Breton Style
Dee and Jim, and Debbie and Ken joined us for supper. Of course we had happy hour before supper, with yummy Friday's mudslides over ice.
Happy Hour Refreshments

Rick, Jim and Ken discussing world affairs
Ken Deb Dee and Jim chowing down 
 We had a great visit, lots of laughs-and I found a couple of teeny weeny ants strolling across the kitchen from under the slide and of course I freaked. Then they turned the discussion to stink bugs they've seen, and coral snakes, bugs etc  - hummm wonder what my chances are of having a sound sleep tonight-not too great I'd say. I do not like bugs,snakes or creatures of that nature, including ants. 
Debbie and Dee :)
After everyone left for home-of course Rick and I headed directly to walmart and picked up some 'stuff' and 'thingys' to take care of these ants. Plus a big fat jug to spray the outside around the tires and perimeter tomorrow. Bless Debbie's heart she arrived over after we got back offering us some ant thingys. I sent her home with cake for Ken because he didn't have his at supper. There were two pieces left. Before Rick could get the last piece Mr. Tucker helped himself when we weren't looking. Now hes' in the dog house, well kinda sorta
But you can't stay angry with that face too long-Lilly is there with him because she had frosting on her lips too!

A big shout out to my dear friend Linda back home. She informed me today, that she reads my blog every night and  sounded somewhat disappointed to see I hadn't blogged Monday night and I combo'd up on Tuesday. Sorry about that Linny I'll try really hard to ensure the blog is up daily. Notice I said try :) depends on how long happy hour lasts. Ha!!

A big thank you to Dee, Jim, Debbie and Ken for joining us for supper this evening. And a big thank you to the handsome guy below for all his help today~ you are definitely the 'marshmallow in my hot chocolate' honey!

So all in all it was a wonderful day here in Avon Park Florida. Does it really get any better than this?

Stay safe out there everyone!! 

Home is where you park it
"May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky~and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly"
“Life is like a party. You invite a lot of people, some leave early, some stay, some laugh with you, some at you, some didn't come. But in the end, after the fun, there would be a few who would stay and help clean up the mess with you. And most of the time, those were the ones who didn't even make the mess: ) How true this is!!! “


  1. your Tucker is such a cutie even when he is in the 'marshmallow in my hot chocolate comment'!!

  2. Elaine, I did not know as a child what it was called but now I know Cape Breton Jiggs Dinner. My Mom and Dad were from Campbellton, NB and I can remember her making this dish often. Looked like a fun evening with everyone. Poor Tucker and Lilly just so cute. Thanks for your comment this morning it was appreciated.

  3. Sounds like you had a great day. Now for the ant problem, the only answer is "Tarro" and I don't know if you can get it a Wally world. Most hardware stores carry it.

  4. So nice to see what your day was like! I wonder how many of the world's problems have been solved in or around motorhomes. Is this just a man-thing?

    Mike and Dee White

  5. I really like that "night pic". Looks great.
    We had "hormigas locas" when we were in Puerto Rico. They named them "crazy ants", and our pool guy said they didn't "Bit people". (no, I didn't misspell that)
    They're harmless, but you're like my wife when it comes to bugs. She did NOT fit the profile of someone who should live in a tropical country!
    We ended up having an exterminator come once a month. He'd spray around the parimeter of the house, and then put down the syrupy stuff on little squares of something like waxed paper and that would keep them at bay...for about three weeks.
    They're coming in by way of anything touching the ground in your case.
    Good luck.

  6. If the ants find your RV it means you guys are eating good, they are not hard to get rid of, we usually have a once a year problem and in a couple days they are gone.Looks like Tucker is a stealer like Rigg's, we watch him like a hawk, it only takes a second for him to steal something. Glad you all had fun Haven't met Deb& Ken yet but have met Jim & Dee twice, say hi for us, be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  7. Those would be sugar ants and I brought them home with me the year we wintered in Florida lol. I couldn't get rid of them any way, but I finally froze them out with our Alberta spring.

    Don't worry Elaine they don't eat much lol.


  8. Put comet around your tires and anything that touches the ground (apparently cornmeal works too). Use bugspray on your electrical cord (used to use vaseline but apparently that isn't good for the rubber or something).

  9. Happy hours are a must with rving, a good reason to socialize. And the Jigs dinner looks awesome, I think we need to try it Cape Breton style.
    Good luck with the ants.

  10. Your boiled-up dinner looked terrific!

    Those puppies sure looked innocent to me - are you sure it wasn't the ants who ate the cake?

  11. Sorry about your forever present being broken!

    Great evening with friends & fur kids:)

  12. Well, well, a battle to eradicate the ants. Hope you win and soon too!

    It does seem that you guys are having a blast out there in the east.

    No storm is good news too!

  13. Love your dinner! What kind of ham did you use? Do you have any kind of recipe, or just throw it all together. Looks like a good crock pot meal. We have two rescued cocker spaniels. One would eat anything, but not off your plate. The other wouldn't think twice about helping himself to anything he could reach!

  14. hey Cathie ..nope being from Cape Breton we weren't taught to use boil the ham in orange crush when its almost done I throw in the turnips carrots, an onion and cabbage (I quarter the cabbage)...then about 20 mins of that boiling I throw in the potatoes...:) easy peasy
    I love cockers...esp if they're rescued...firm believer in rescues and forever homes

  15. An American lesson for you, in the midwest we would call it orange crush pop while the east coast and left coast would call it soda.