Monday, January 23, 2012

An OH OH day....

Just to let you all know how tired I was last night-I took my laptop to bed (something I've always said I'd never do)..and read blogs. I just couldn't sit up any longer.

Well today was an oh oh day. Oh oh she is rooting in the she bored? Nope..shes just.. having 'cooking' with drawls. Not that I'm not still cooking daily, but at home I often would take a day and just cook cook thats what I did today. Well for part of the day. I cleaned the rig after coffees and blog reading, then cooked for a few hours. Made meatballs, and a big spaghetti sauce which I simmered on the stove for a few hours. When he found me rooting in cupboards Rick jumped up and said what do you need I'll do a walmart run-and he had the keys in his hand. I think he was worried that I was bored and might say "lets go home or I miss home" he was willing to do whatever it took to keep me happy while I cooked :)..bless his heart.
Dee from Tumbleweed wasn't feeling good so we took a walk up to see how she was doing.
This afternoon we took off to Maxwell's Grove..a gem of a little place, a local secret! The have a little country store with everything in it, and all kinds of finds, fresh fruits and juice jellies wines etc. and the best orange vanilla twist ice cream I ever tasted. I even found 'beaman's chewing gum there' I haven't seen that in many years.
Upon our return, we sat outside with Deb and Ken for a bit then we all came in and had supper. Heavens knows I had enough made to feed the whole park. Then we had coffee out under the awning and chatted the evening away. We found this working its way toward the furkids xpen..not knowing what it was we soon put a halt to his journey. Anyone know what it is?
sorry hes missing a back leg on the right

not the cutest creature I ever saw

To offset the not so cute creature above-here are a couple of cute ones. Who love to call out to auntie Debbie next door every day!!!

Hey Aunt Debbie you home?? Its Treat time

And here are a couple of really nice sunsets in Avon Park..

Just another wonderful day in the Florida sunshine....have a super week safe out there..

Home is where you park it

"May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky~and may you always have the 
courage to spread your wings and fly"


  1. that is a lovely bug?..eww!!! the shot of Lily and Tucker!!

  2. I think your bug is a cricket, but I was getting creeped out after looking at this website for a time. You're welcome to submit a picture of your little friend, and these fine folks will identify him/her/it for you.
    Knock yourself out.

  3. I find that the little RV kitchens are still big enough to cook in. The only problem for me is having enough room in the freezer to put it!

  4. Looks like Lilly & Tucker are spoiled, they probably are like Sadie & Rigg's and would be looking for a treat from everyone if you would let them.Glad you guys are enjoying Florida, be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. Hey Bob, I know what the 'creature' is..just wondering if anyone else knows...or has come across one :) Laurie luckily my fridge is a side by side so I have a decent freezer area..and Sam yup they are spoiled and aunt Debbie next door sure loves them up...

  6. Your picture at the top of the blog is so cute. But the bug is just the opposite!
    I love little country stores. Enjoy your day. ~wheresweaver

  7. WE can never get enough sunsets.

  8. Gotta love the sunsets , and being able to cook all you want! Have fun.

  9. Great sunset photos and the one of the pups looking out the window is pretty good too!

  10. Love the new header photo...yup too much sun buy I do like the new skinny you!!

    I can't live without my side by side fridge, so much space!

    Fur kids need a treat Mom, even I can see that from here.

    Must have been a great nice for sunsets!

  11. That 'creature' is looking up at you like it wants to be your new pet !! Love the photo of the furkids looking out the window. Sometimes I get in a baking mode...just gotta make something. Then I have to give it away to relatives as it's more than we can (or should) eat.

  12. That's one way to not get your screen torn again from the furkids, hope they don't decide to jump, that's a long way down.

    I've NEVER seen that bug, and please do not send it down to us. I'm surprised you didn't pack up and leave. lol

  13. Wishing you a good week also. Nice pix of the pups looking out the windows...and the scenery is pretty darned nice too.

  14. gross bug! cute puppies! beautiful cooking sounds like a full day to me....