Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Booked for Surgery!

Hello everyone, it has been a very busy past few days since my last post. Richard is booked for surgery at Shouldice Hospital in Toronto for October 25th. I submitted all of the medical paper work online last week, for review and he is reviewed and approved..they called yesterday and we set the date!!

A big THANK YOU to Bob of "The Caretaker Chronicals" for posting their information in a post on my blog!!! You truly are a Caretaker Bob!!

 They forwarded to us via email a requisition for pre op blood work and an EKG yesterday. We presented ourselves at our local hospital early this morning and had it all done, the results will be faxed to Shouldice..Upon receipt of the results the patient planner has promised to call us and if all is ok with the pre op testing-then I will book our flights to Ontario for October 24.

He will be admitted on the 24th with surgery on the 25th-and released on the 28th and we will fly back home on the 29th. I'm estimating we will not be crossing the border until late December..thinking we were stuck here this winter, I agreed to have company from out of town over the Christmas Holidays. So hopefully the weather holds up and we are able to leave Canada the end of December. Yahoooooo

Because of our local surgical wait time of 1-1.5 years we will "Have Surgery While We Wait"

Now Do you think Tucker Needs a Haircut???? Miss Lilly is always beautiful...!!!

Tucker and Lilly Visited the Groomer

Today was a sunny but chilly fall day~As you can see the trees are changing in some of these shots of our backyard

So it has been an eventful week since seeing the surgeon last Wednesday. How fast things can change. Now we are on the move prepping the motorhome for winterizing, emptying it then reloading it, making lists then making lists for the lists. I will reload it so that when the time comes all we need to do is turn on the fridge and fill it. We will ensure that the gas tank is full, and propane topped up before we winterize and park it in our spare driveway (so we can make a quick getaway when the time comes). Rick took the car to the dealer last night and had it all serviced, and the winter tires put on. One thing off the list :)

Here's hoping all is well with Ricks pre op testing (I'm praying)..and we get to Toronto for the surgery and all goes well. Oh wow so much to do..and so little time. 

I see from reading your blogs quite a few of you are in travel and some getting ready to travel (like us!!!)...stay safe out there blogland friends...and I hope we meet up down the road in the not too distant future...I will keep you updated as we know more...thanks to you all!

Remember - Home is Where you Park it


  1. Hip Hip Hooray!!! We will keep you guys in our prayers and may all go well!

  2. Good for you guys! Where there's a will, there's a way!

    And Caretaker Bob helped us out a while back too...he's a helpful guy from halfway around the world!

  3. Oh Elaine, I am so happy for you both. It was meant to be. Caretaker Bob, than you so very very much for helping our friends. You are blessed.

    Life is truly amazing. Many hugs. we leave on the 25th so I have nothing to do but sit back and send Rick positive healing thoughts.

    Tucker does look mucho mas better!

    I can't tell you how happy I am.....

  4. We'll keep a light on at Dogpound South!

  5. Great news! Glad you were able to a surgery date. Shouldice Hospital sure looks like an excellent facility.

    Molly and Rylie go for grooming tomorrow so they'll be looking like your pups!

  6. Wonderful news. Let's hope the bad weather holds off until after Christmas.

    I was going to say your pups looked like Lady and The Tramp...but the Tramp cleans up nice!! They both look beautiful.

  7. great news on the surgery front!!! for your Tucker and Lily..cute as ever even without the grooming!!!

  8. Awesome news! Yeah! Good luck with the testing, the travel arrangements and the surgery. Best of all, you get to revisit your dream to RV south this winter. That is wonderful too!

  9. Well, this is AWESOME NEWS!

    (I got a little "verklempt" just now reading this)
    I see I'm a little late to the party here due to the time difference, but it's nice to see it has all worked out (well, so far, fingers still crossed).
    I guess that was my good deed for the year.
    And hey, you're welcome.
    Glad to help.
    And truth be told, all I really did was press a bunch of keys on this little machine here in front of me. It's not like I had to go out and dig a ditch or anything. Anybody coulda dunnit.

    In spite of its short comings, the internet is still something that boggles my mind from time to time. How would we even begin to think of explaining it to someone from even 50 years ago?

    Loved the fall colours, btw. For whatever reason, we don't seem to get the "reds" on the deciduous trees here in Austria.
    Kinda miss that.

  10. thank you everyone :)..we are pretty to just get the test results faxed up there..praying our hospital puts a rush on it and gets it done...

    J&M thanks for the prayers ;)
    K&R amazing isn't it to get help from half way around the world
    JB thanks :) we will try to swing by or meet somewhere close I definitely need to Meet you and Ms B
    Donna we only need 1-2 good days to hit the road I'll be praying also-the tramp cleans up good but loves look trampish lol
    S&D we're hoping it remains to be good news..
    R&J-we are praying for good news all the way around and a fast healing time
    Bob you are way too humble and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you helped our travel dream come true
    Rick I will await the pics of Molly and Rylie...they are so cute

  11. Contessa :) ty for your excitement here and via is definitely amazing-and knowing that your sitting back (from the 25th on) sending healing thoughts makes my heart sing..:)

  12. Just a tiny bump on the retirement highway! You will have a bit of a late start but it is still a start!

  13. We will be thinking of you and know that all will be fine!

  14. Awesome that you got into Shouldice and get the procedure done so quickly and now carry on with your travel plans. Travel safe.

  15. Elaine.Rick, I just read about your good luck. Bob really came to your help. I am soooo glad that you will be able to put it all behind you this year and that you will see the sun in the south. We haven't got any appointment ourselves yet, so we have to wait and see.

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