Saturday, January 19, 2013

Still at the Tampa Super RV Show!!

We have been here since Wednesday...We had hoped to pull out and head back to our resort early tomorrow but it doesn't look like that is going to happen early...We met with Blue Ox on Wed early afternoon paid our fee to have our hitch overhauled and serviced and they still haven't shown up..Rick went to see them this afternoon and they said we'll get to you!  The show has been great..will update the blog when we get back to our resort...
Be safe out there folks...
Elaine, Rick
Tucker and Lilly


  1. You had to pay to have your blue ox serviced? I would think they would service there own products for free at these functions.
    We have had our Roadmaster tow bar done ever year for free, at different Rallies around the country.Quartzsite and Daytona. Usually while I wait too.
    Glad you are enjoying the show thou.

  2. We have a Blue Ox hitch too. When and how often are they to be serviced? Ours is only 6 months old, so it's probably okay.

    1. we like to do it every year...this is the first time tho...they say every year or two...

  3. Boy do we know about waiting. Sorry you are having to do it. Wish I'd been organized enough to meet up with you at the show although, with this crud, I am advising everyone to get no where near me

  4. Was sure fun being with you guys ~ I am missin ya already!!! I hate waiting ~ I agree you would think they would service it for free but I guess everything comes with a price anymore.
    Have fun & Travel safe
    Donna ♥

  5. You really are tempting fate, hanging around all thos new RVs... ;c)

  6. What do they mean...we'll get to you! Didn't they tell you what day they would be out? Now this doesn't sound like they are being very nice about the installation. I will say...Blue Ox is the best though.

  7. I think Rick arranged it for you to stay "just a little bit longer"..

  8. Great seeing you guys again, it was a blast. Safe travels.

  9. Must be pretty tempting to be around all those beautiful MH's.