Friday, January 11, 2013

Meeting Bloggers, Still Busy/Sick and Exciting News

Well we are certainly busy, and I'm still sick but somehow I keep moving. I am done my antibiotics as of today, and not seeing much change in the coughing, congestion and stuffed up sinus and nose. Nothing worst than feeling like your 'brain' is trying to come through your right eyeball. Anyway enough whine-ing!! We have still been having fun.
On Monday I whipped up some lazy man's cabbage rolls (yeah I was lazy) and had Cheryl, and Cal, and Deb for supper. Cheryl brought a delicious dessert!
On Tuesday we hopped on up the road a couple of miles and met up with Donna and Dennis at their Hiker :) What a great visit. We have been following each other for quite some time now and I was so excited to finally meet up! Needless to say I couldn't partake in the adult beverage routine because I was on medication..hopefully next time!! Dennis and Rick definitely got into the swing of things with their beer..and Donna had a big mug (I think it was filled with 'self medication')..great folks and they are ever bit as nice as they sound in their blogs. Regretfully both Donna and I are sick, with congestion and sinus crud. Which may have been a good thing because I do believe she and I could play very nicely together and possibly get in trouble??? Hoping we feel better soon so we can visit the 'tiki bar' up in Clewiston, before they head on out. Thanks for the great visit folks..and we can't wait to do it again!
Donna and Dennis

Wednesday was pretty much a lay around day for me. I was feeling crappy and we didn't even get to shuffleboard. Between the laying around my neighbour Deb and I took a run into Clewiston to Wally World for some supplies, then stopped over at the good will and I found a couple of nice Teeshirts.
Yesterday, we did play Bean Bag Baseball, now that was a hoot. Thankfully we didn't have to run anywhere which was good for me.  And after ball we headed into LaBelle for supper at the 'Log Cabin'...great food, great friends and excellent service!!
Rick Tommy Nancy Terry-Cheryl Cal Dottie Debbie and Moi..

Now for some very exciting news!! 

No we are not lottery winners...but our resort hosted a holiday giveaway at Christmas time. You had to share on your facebook and you were entered into a draw to win a great prize! If friends shared off of your facebook they were also entered into the draw. Anne and Archie of The Accidental RVers from Nova Scotia won!!!!! Congratulations Anne and Arch. I emailed Anne to let her know they had won and she was very surprised and excited. Keep an eye on their blog to find out what they won!! Today they drove down from the Avon Park area to meet with the office folks and with us! We went to the golf club grill for lunch-thanks Anne and Archie for treating us. It was great to see you both, and spend some time together and hopefully we will meet up again at the Tampa RV show. Another couple of great folks. I usually don't talk a mile a minute Anne only when I'm excited :)...and I think I talked a mile a minute today. But you seemed to do very well keeping up :) We also got to meet their darling dog "tara"..what a sweetheart she is, and so well behaved she just laid on the deck at the grill while we ate lunch.
Arch Anne and moi-Rick of course took the picture-Tara couldn't get it focused

Now look at this darling Mug -Tara
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I feel better for the Tampa Show. We are registered to arrive on the 16th and are staying on the show grounds with our coach until the 20th, and meeting up with friends. So I need to be healthy enough to be in tailgate party mode--if your in the area be sure to look us up. 
I did manage to get another jewellery set done up in between everything else.

And hows this for a 'pretty but different' cow face..I think this cow has gorgeous markings. Yup Donna and Dennis are hanging with some pretty moo ers up there at Ortona Park.

This dude was in our park and he totally mystified Rick to the point of picture taking...we have never seen a hopper this big. Maybe he was a cross between a hopper and lobster?

Here is a shot of our pretty rainbow the other day, after a 2 minute soft rain shower.

And last but definitely not least here is a picture for my friend Karen P over at RVing: This country is our BIG Backyard. I do tend to be her Safari Spy and I snapped this picture of this Simba in Dennis and Donna's park. Hope your having a blast getting all settled in your new house Karen and Steve.

We are loving this resort, the folks are all great, we've made many new friends, everyone is just like a big happy family. There are many many activities. 

Ok I've yammered on long enough if you are still with me and still upright and awake I thank you for stopping by!!! Have a super weekend folks and be safe out there!!

Rick Tucker and Lilly


  1. You are so busy at the resort Elaine. Hope we can keep up with you and Rick while we are there :)

  2. I don't know how you caught the crud when you are moving so fast!! Hope you get better soon :)

  3. I had a pretty good day yesterday, gave up my Nyquil..and paid for it...This AM I am a one giant mucous membrane...YUCK... Hope you make it to the RV show...

  4. Ok what is lazy man cabbage rolls and where is the recipe? In spite of you feeling like a piece of %&*(& you still have managed to have a good time. Good for you.

  5. Oh my, Donna actually bared her legs. Now there's something.
    I can get a bit cheeky, 'cause I'm on another continent. No worries that she'll come to my door and smack me.
    Hope you (all) feel better soon.

  6. You don't let your sickness keep you down...good girl.

    Well Bean Bag Baseball is one game we have never played. I will have to look that one up.

    Hope today brings you much better health.

  7. What a good time you are having, crud or no crud. Keep it up. (The good time, not the crud)

  8. Always nice to meet fellow bloggers, too bad we missed you guys when we were in the area. Looks like a great time, hope you cold gets better real soon.

  9. Hmmm.....maybe slow down just a tad to be sure to be ready for Tampa. Glad you are having a good time.

  10. Still sick and still moving at light speed? I don't know how you do it. Hope the antibiotics kil the crud. If not, drown it in alcohol. That will make you feel better, right? ;c)

  11. For someone who is under the weather and maintaining a busy social calendar, we can just imagine your energy when you are felling great. Soldier on!

  12. Hahhaha you are such a good Safari Spy!!!! In about a month, we will be taking off and heading for parts south.. somewhere... anywhere?

  13. We just might look you up at the rv show.....providing you don't still have the cooties!

  14. Sounds like you're having a ball, but I sure hope you get over your sickness soon. I'm fighting with the same thing and not feeling so hot myself.

  15. Hey, try this. It can't hurt, and it will probably help:

  16. Boy I'm late to this party. Disney World gets in the way of my normal life! :-)) How in the world do you do all this when you are sick? When I have that head cold/cough stuff all I can do is clear my throat and fall asleep. I have no energy at all. I can't even cook for myself let alone have folks over for dinner. I think I'll nominate you for Wonder Woman of 2013. I also think I need the recipe for Lazy Man's cabbage rolls. Sounds right down my alley.

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  18. Cold medicine messing up my typing fingers. Add me to the list of those with the cold "crud". Hard to keep a good woman down, you, that is!

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