Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Honey We Are Home!! And glad to Be here

Wow has it been busy..first off I'm feeling much much better..did the antibiotics (they didn't help) did the honey and Cinnamon (and wow did it help) and did the vicks on the soles of the feet sleeping with socks on trick and slathered it on my chest and back..so I'm not sure exactly what worked but something did even if I didn't smell or look attractive for a few evenings.
We headed off to the show in Tampa last Wed morning leaving here around 8am. We arrived around 11:30..and although there were a lot of arrivals going on they were very well organized and we were parked up in no time.
We immediately headed over to the vendor area to get our names on the list at the Blue Ox trailer. We wanted to have our hitch overhauled..and the cost was only $25.00 which also included any parts you may need. We asked when they would be coming to the coach to do this..and they said they didn't' know but it would be done by Sunday when the show closed. We were the last ones on the list to be done and they finally showed up late Sunday morning. Personally I think they lost or forgot us..as Rick went back over late Saturday and had a talk with them.
Thursday morning Jeannie and Buck and Donna and Ralph arrived bright and early, called us and we met up with them over by the vendor area. They registered to stay at the fairgrounds with their coaches but couldn't get in as it was full, so they all drove down and got a hotel for Thursday night.
We hoofed it on over to the floating restaurant and met up with other RV dreamer bloggers. Some we had previously met~ and it was wonderful to see everyone. And to meet some we followed but had never met!!!! It was so nice to see you all!
Donna, Arlene, Nancy and Myself
Karen and Al 

Rob Dee and Jim
The 6 of us toured the vendor area most of the day, then we came back to the coach fed and walked our dogs and headed to their hotel to meet up with them all for supper. We went to chilli's and had many laughs and a great supper.
Donna, Myself and Jeannie-three besties

Speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil..

Chilli's-Jeannie, Myself, Donna, Ralph Rick and Buck-we made Buck wear the silly balloon hat
After supper we all came back to our coach and visited for a spell, then they headed back to their hotel for the night.
Friday we all met up again and toured more vendors. What a big place it was, with many many vendors. The weather was a bit nasty in the afternoon. But we trudged on for the rest of the day. I don't' think I've ever walked so much in such a short span. What a great visit with great friends thanks folks for coming down and meeting up with us.
Friday evening we realized that Kathy and Rick were only 5 or  6 rigs up from us in the same row. We strolled up to say hello but they weren't around so we left our card in their door. We then went to Larry and Marilyn's coach for supper. Thanks for the invite guys it was great!! See you the first week in March...
Kathy and Rick arrived down to meet us Saturday morning and we had a great visit.
Rick and Kathy
 They headed on over to a verizon store to get all setup with mifi. And thats another story..suffice to say we advised them to take their laptops with them to ensure all was working, because verizon is good when its working..but we've had major problems reloading etc as you all know. We tried to impart all of our infinite verizon wisdom on them to try avoid them going through what we went through. Rick then took Marilyn and I to Michaels and we made a stop at Camping World down at Lazy Days. I finally got my coffee table at CW..so I was pretty excited about that. Then Rick took us ladies out for brunch/lunch at Cracker Barrell. (Again I didn't have the camera)
Of course when Kathy and Rick got back Saturday they could not connect to their new verizon mifi. Rick and I went up to help and I did manage to get one laptop online but not the other after spending over an hr on the phone with tech support. I think they dude at verizon had them on the store mifi..and not their g4 lite..anyway they went back on Sunday and are working now thankfully. Saturday evening..Joe and Carolyn stopped by to visit..they are in the Orlando area. Was great to see them. (Sorry I forgot to get a picture)..When they arrived I was up helping Rick and Kathy and was on the phone with tech support...I was late getting back to the coach, and I felt so bad and did apologize profusely..sure hope they are still our friends. It was great seeing you both and thanks so much for stopping by...hope to catch up again before we head for home.
Sunday we waited and waited for Blue Ox to arrive and 'git er done'..our friend Eda arrived to visit with flowers and sweets, she lives in Florida and it was so nice to catch up with her :)...thanks Eda..
We finally left Tampa around 4pm and headed back to our resort arriving at 7pm we were very tired and the last 10 miles was in the dark. We don't' like driving at night but it was only the last 10 miles and we surely know the road after being here since November, so it was all good. 
Here we are parked in beside a Prevost

Some Rig shots
We did make some purchases at the show..and we were very good and only stepped into a couple of coaches, so as not to tempt ourselves. Rick picked up a progressive  inline surge protector (that was our biggest purchase), got himself some handy dandy german super glue (and its good stuff)..I picked up a few odds and sods..Donna, Jeannie and I found their favourite vendor so we also got some snazzy jewellery.
Today was a laundry and set up day, we were so tired last night we didn't' even put the jacks down until this morning. I gave the rig a good cleaning and Rick did what had to be done, then crashed most of the day, as he's is not feeling good..hoping its lack of energy and not the nasty cold I had. I had planned on having Debbie next door and her friend Karen who is visiting for supper. We made a fast dash to town for some groceries, then I popped a nice roast of beef on the bbq in a pyrex dish for supper. Whipped up a salad, some slaw, potatoes and veggies. Just as I was taking the roast off the bbq the dish blew up :( ughhh...I fired a nice pork tenderloin into the convection over in the coach and managed to get the supper on the table only a 1/2 hour late. Debbie brought dessert and it was to die for. Needless to say I commenced happy hour while cooking to keep the stress level down. My first one since being sick, thankfully I haven't forgotten how to 'happy hour'. (again I forgot the camera)..Ok if your all not sleeping by now you should be...pretty boring but busy stuff going on in our lives..hopefully tomorrow will be my morning to catch up on blogs.
Stay safe out there folks..and thanks for stopping by
Elaine, Rick
Tucker and Lilly

"Home is where you park it"
"We can't control the wind but we can certainly adjust the sails"


  1. Holy Moly....that was some heavy duty days touring the RV show and trying to get stuff accomplished. I sure hope your internet problems are now in the past.

  2. Wooooh lady, you are something!!! Happy hour can NEVER start too soon re the stress level thing. I insist on seeing a photo of your coffee table ( ? same as ours ) and everything else you got and the details. Great to catch up with all of those friends and bloggers.

    Hugs to Rick and hope you are 100% come morning.

  3. quite the recap, Elaine! 'what happens in Tampa stays in Tampa' comes to mind!

  4. Wow you have had a whirlwind social life these days. You sure look like you are having a good time.

  5. Certainly a busy time at the show.Always so much to see and do.
    Now back home and take it easy.
    Too bad about the roast beef, but at least you had a backup!

  6. No wonder you were under the weather! It's called exhaustion :) I'd have to sleep for a couple days if I stayed as busy as you! Seriously, it looks like everyone had a blast. We'll have to take in that show one of these years.

  7. Sounds and looks like from everyone's blogs that you guys had a great time!! Glad you are feeling better :)

  8. NO WAY did you forget how to "happy hour"...glad you're back at it as that is a good sign you are better...Hate to say it, but chances are Rick will be in sick bay next..Dennis didn't escape it, but he didn't have it as bad....Glad you are back "home", feeling better, and ready to really enjoy the rest of the trip...

  9. Egads girlfriend. You three girls crack me up. If there was such a thing as having too much fun, I would say that's what you are doing.

    I agree, never too early for happy hour.

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  10. Wow... You had a busy time at the show!

  11. It was FUN and wish we had been there longer. Sounds like you're back on track at being your old self and not sick... glad to hear you are all better!
    Love & Miss Ya