Monday, October 22, 2012

UPDATE:So Long Friends-Till We Meet Again-

We had a great last day with our friends yesterday. Upon their return from Hopewell Rocks, and Magnetic Hill, we strolled down thru our backyard to the river edge to await the arrival of the "Tidal Bore"...and what a view we had...Mother Nature is phenomenal -the beauty she presents to us. The water flows from left to right then all of a sudden the bore moves in and changes everything to flow from right to left. Here is a shot of that.

The Tidal Bore-the brown is the mud-I swipped this shot from Larry as I forgot my camera at the house.
After that we came back to the house to get "happy hour" on the go. We started on the deck, moved into the gazebo, and eventually into the house.
CeeCee provided delicious appetizers chinese dumplings..and they were good. I opted to have mine with sour cream versus hot/spicy sauce..yumm...of course we had a few drinks what would be happy hour without them...and we girls got into the antique hat collection..where there are no fools theres no fun I always say.

CeeCe, Me, Marilyn, and Colette
We finally did settle down and have supper, jigs dinner (boiled ham dinner in orange crush with turnips carrots onion cabbage)..Marilyn had made delicious homemade bread, and the ladies provided home made apple pie.
We visited some more, then everyone hit the sack early as it was travel day today for our friends. We are sad to see them leave, and not be leaving with them, but our plan is to meet them down the road in the not too distant future, and travel south with them. I am awaiting blood test results on this end, and can't leave without them in case I need to start medication. Hopefully those results will be there this week and we can get outta dodge. 
So to end a wonderful visit, I just had to document their departure...:(

So Long Larry and Marilyn

So Long Bob and Ceece

So Long John and Colette

Till we meet again down the road..hopefully in the not too distant future.
I am excited to start our journey south, our coach is pretty much packed and loaded, so it shouldn't be long now.

Take care all, be safe out there and remember

"Home is where you park it"
PS: Just got off the phone with doctors office..all blood tests are good and within normal range..ha betcha all thought you'd never see a result of 'normal' for me..woooohoooo hope to be outta here by the end of the week...tucker to vet for shots wednesday, pick up our meds for 6 mo..flue shots for us on friday morning..groceries..wrap christmas gifts for kids, visit kids.....try change my hair appt from next week to this week.etc etc


  1. now that your 'RV park' is vacant you will need to close it up for the winter and get on the road!!..good luck with the blood tests!

  2. Take care and waiting for hear results.

  3. Can't wait to hear that you are rolling once again! I remember Magnetic Hill, it's a hoot! Seen the Tidal bore too..(I was married to a Nova Scotian once) :-)

  4. Love the tidal picture!
    Looks like you had a marvelous time with your friends. Hope those wheels will be rolling soon. Good luck with the blood tests.

  5. Love that tidal shot, looks much better on your blog than Larry's. Did you 'play' with it?

    So what were you ladies doing...singing something I bet! Wish I had been there. What a blast.

  6. Sure hope you get your results back soon and are cleared for take-off!

    Amazing photo of the 'bore'.

  7. I always like to take a departing picture when we have guests leave, seems silly but I do.Hope your results are good and you guys can head your rig south very soon. Let us know which way you are heading and we will be following you like last year, only from the confines of the Ranch. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  8. That certainly was not a "Bore"ing photo. Amazing!

    Hope you get rolling soon, it sure is hard to wait!

  9. So glad to hear the tests all came out great!

    It's just amazing to me that you have that river and the bore right in your own backyard. WOW is all I can say.

    Safe travels!

  10. Great picture of the eagle for your header. Safe travels, south.

  11. What a darling photo of you girls!
    Wonderful news about your blood work. With all you are doing, don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

  12. Love your Eagle shot on your header... That is fantastic news about your blood work! Lots to do now to get ready to travel! Best part is you get to go! Have fun!

  13. Well, that was great news. I hope all your plans come to fruition and you can head out as planned.

    The 'bore' is a most interesting phenomenon. Nice photo.

  14. Fantastic! I hear your enthusiasm! We're in Petaluma, California right now. John is working on a casino construction project. We'll be here for a year or so. We miss our BC Surfside Resort though!

    May I share with you what's been keeping me from reading and commenting on blogs lately?

    "This Restless Life: a study of Central Coast California parks through photography, interpretive collage and stories" is a book project of which I'm in the midst. If you have the time and the inclination, would you take a look at my short video at to learn more about the project? If you like the project, would you share it with your network of friends and family? Thank you sincerely. (I have a link to the video at the top of my blog page too.)

  15. Oh, I'm loving your nature capture shots! Great!

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