Sunday, October 21, 2012

Having a Blast x 8

Larry and Marilyn, Collette and John, and CeeCe and Bob arrived on Friday and its been nothing but fun ever since. It is so good to see Lar and Mar again...and meet new rving friends CeeCe, Bob, Collette and John...We have lots of laughs for sure...Friday afternoon we toured Hopewell Cape and they got to see the 'tide' in at the Hopewell Rocks  today we checked on the computer and they tide is heading back they are all on their way back down to see it while its out and hopefully get to walk on the ocean floor. Meantime I'm whipping up a jigs dinner for supper this can't come east and not experience a jigs dinner (especially Cape Breton style)...
Friday evening we stayed home to visit and we had a spaghetti supper with ceasar salad and garlic bread...

Yesterday we visited the Moncton Farmers Market, and the ladies were successful in purchasing some nice new bangle bracelets then we toured Shediac area the wharf, parlee beach and had a great seafood dinner in Cap Pele. Yes I was the only brave soul out of eight to kick off the sneakers, roll up the pant legs and walk in the ocean. For those of you wondering..yes it was well before Happy Hour.

Elaine, Bob, CeeCe, Larry, Marilyn, Rick, Collette, and John

Parked up down in the backyard...
Their View toward the River
When they arrive back, we plan to show them the tidal bore...which we can do right from the river bank in our back yard hopefully...then take them to Magnetic Hill..for the optical illusion of your car going uphill by itself while in neutral...

Tucker and Lilly are thoroughly enjoying their visit with Buster and Angel and everyone is getting along great...We will sure miss them all when they leave :(

Have a great Sunday everyone..and be safe out there...

And remember...

"Home is where you park"


  1. It looks like you are keeping busy enjoying the life of an RVer while still at home. It's fun enjoying it with good friends. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Yummy diner and I read about the cinnamon buns on Larry's blog! You have to be the best hosts in all of America!

  3. Wow, when you do things, you do it big! A gang of eight terrorizing the neighborhood!

    That is some campground you have there, how do you find time to play Words with Friends?

  4. Looks like a miniature Rally in your yard.I will have to get one of those Canadian /American flags if i can this week. Kevin & Ruth will be here this coming Saturday for a visit on their way to Mexico for the winter. We will tell them hi for you guys I know they stopped at your place a year ago. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  5. That's a BIG crowd you are entertaining. Looks like you are having a lot of fun. I assume that is a boondocking campground you are running there!

    Good for you for being the lone one to walk in the water. I'd have been right there with you.

    1. Actually we provide power and water...we do have a dump station also..

  6. I had forgot all about Magnetic Hill! Ha! Did that one back in about '69. It's a great illusion.
    Have fun.

  7. What a fun time! Making memories can be so enjoyable.

  8. Gee, you have enough room to truly open a serious RV park. Sure seems like you are all having a great time. Good on you!

  9. quite the 'rv park' you have going on!!!

  10. Thanks Elaine. It has been a blast! Looking forward to seeing you guys a little further down the road

  11. Always nice to Have lotsa coming and Larry and Mar are fun people. Love the Moncton area have been there7 or 8 times years ago. And the Jigs dinner is always good.