Monday, October 29, 2012

Holding up Because of Sandy!!!

We are ready to roll out of here for the winter, our departure date was Saturday past -and circumstances made us sit a bit longer, which is a good thing considering we would be in the thick of "Sandy" right now...
Yesterday we picked up our grand tots and took them to brunch, then shopping for groceries with us for our trip. And of course we let them have free rein at the dollar store for halloween decorations.

They spent the afternoon with us and we arrived back at our daughter's house, around 3:30 pm with lots of halloween decorations and christmas presents. We celebrated our christmas festivities with all the local kids at Tracey and Todd's house. Thanks kids for the great family dinner. They opened their gifts from us and the girlies were pretty excited.
We are anticipating and hoping to get out of here by early Wednesday morning this week...
We have been following along with you all and are praying you all stay safe and sound.
Today is cooking for the 'road' day..have a roast in the crock pot, two chilli casseroles made-shepherds pie-and macaroni casseroles...that should take care of the travel days.
Hopefully our next post will be while rolling down the road. Till then remember:

"Home is where you park it"


  1. Free rein at the store, there must not have been much room in the car on the way home:)

    1. lol thankfully it was the 'dollar' store

  2. You guys are in our prayers. We have been watching the weather all day. Here in Ohio we have had rain for the past three days. The wind just started to pick up. Stay safe my friend.

  3. Be sure to wait with your departure until everything of Sandy is gone. Right now it's not pretty down there where you have to pass through. Remember also that gas stations might still be out of fuel and that store shelves might still be empty for a few days after.
    Have safe travels!

  4. I think you're wise to wait this out a bit. Apart from the storm itself the aftermath is likely to be pretty grim with washed out roads, bridges and hi-ways. Maybe you'll have to look at other routes to head south?

    Stay safe and err on the side of caution.

  5. Good idea to hold back, you don't need to fool with Mother Nature. ;c)

  6. I am so glad you stayed put!!! Everyone has good thoughts about reasons to stay for a while.

    Are you sure you can take all that cooked beef thru the border with you. We have had cooked casseroles taken away and they were made with not hamburger but veggie ground round as we don't eat meat but could not prove that it was not meat.

  7. stay safe Rick and Elaine!..hopefully Sandy won't reach the Maritimes!!

  8. I love your header shot - that's the same camera I have, and I've taken my best photos ever with it.

    I'm glad you're staying safe from the storm. :)

  9. By looking at the news I think like many others you may have to stay put longer than just Wednesday. I think it will take them a little while to get things cleaned up once the water recedes. Changing the route may help but then you may end up in areas with snow. Thinking of you guys, hope when you get on the road that you journey goes well.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. Good thing you hung around. We are being hit with some pretty good winds down in NE Alabama.

  11. Yup, I'm in agreement with other blog readers. Stay put, if possible, until things improve.

  12. Safe travels! You must be so excited to finally get on the road. Have fun and write lots of posts!

  13. Really good plan to wait and travel later in the week. I think I want to travel with you guys, the food sounds terrific!

  14. Good plan to hang out fot a while longer, then you should be good to go real soon. Travel safe!