Monday, June 4, 2012

Who Knocked the Stuffing Out of Me!!??

We are still alive here on the east coast of Canada! Today I was trying to catch up on blogs..I've been depending on Rick to keep me updated on you all. I have been sick almost non stop since returning home the end of April. Thankfully, Rick has stayed healthy since getting over his flu. It seems all I can do is crawl from bed to couch. I am currently on my 2nd round of strong antibiotics as well as am praying they make a difference. I still have a nasty cough, and almost constant migraine headaches. The only benefit I see so far if you can count it as a benefit is the weight loss.
The household has been a busy one. Our tenants were fortunate to be able to purchase a home so they moved the end of May. Rick had to do some patching and painting in the stairwell after they moved last week, but thankfully it wasn't a lot. Luckily for me-she cleaned the house spotlessly so I didn't have to deal with that.
Its a good thing I can prescreen perspective tenants via phone, while laying down, because I dont' have the energy to do much else. And let me tell you there are some strange weirdos out there. I think the hardest thing is getting 'dolled' up to show the property, which has been a struggle let me tell you, so it upsets me to no end when there are no shows. We have a few good perspectives so now we just have to decide on who we want in there. I know I am fussy, but I just want a nice stable 'family' in there who will love our home like their own. I dont' think that is too much to ask.
I did have a couple of good hours this week so I took advantage of them and got my flowers all in. But then I realized  I had over done it. I am not good at laying low at all!! And with the migraines the computer is almost tabou.

As for Rick he has 'not' been laying low. He has been keeping very you can see-
what could be going on here?

 he tore the carpet out of the living area of the MH and is laying new flooring

He is doing a fantastic job. I'm lucky he is so handy and articulate about his work. We are so happy to be rid of the carpet. Why they put carpet in the living area of rvs is beyond me. He was pleasantly surprised after tearing up the carpet, to find a beautiful level 3/4" plywood floor. He was expecting chipboard. This dream floor really compliments the ceramic tile it is dark walnut in colour. He was about 4 days into the job when I finally found the energy to walk down in the yard and snap some pictures with my cell phone. Great Job Hun! I will post pictures of the finished project. He should be finished within the next couple of days. We are suppose to meet up with cousins in Truro this coming weekend, but we will have to see how I feel. 
My biggest project is to get better as Donna and Ralph  are coming for a visit and I sure want to be in top shape for that! 
Ok time to hop off of this computer. I have to wait another hour to take my antibiotics as there is a restrictive "no dairy products 5 hours before or 5 hours after" the meds  and I had such a headache earlier I thought it was my lack of 'coffee' and had one at 8pm.

Take care all, stay safe out there, and remember

"Home is Where you Park it"


  1. nice to hear from you again Elaine...hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Glad you are back. Hope you start feeling 100%.

    The floor looks great. Beautiful color.

    Enjoy your visit with Donna and Ralph!

  3. Sure hope you're feeling better soon.

    Being picky about tenants is certainly understandable, especially since they'll be living right next door. Good luck on that.

    The floor is looking great.
    There are a few things in RVs that I've never been able to figure out. Carpets "hide a multitude of sins" so I've heard, but are still a dumb idea. That and too many mirrors is the other turn-off for me.
    Not overly keen on looking at myself all that much.
    Who designs these things, some sprightly (narcissistic) 22 year old?

  4. Hoa, you are back. That's good. We had thought you might have left the country again - to some ..stan country, you know. Hope you will do a trip to Campobello this summer.
    Now, I hope you get better soon.

  5. Love the floor! Wondering how you are..pneumonia? I had it once..sounds like the symptoms :) Get well soon!!

  6. Glad to hear that you are back in the land of the living. Screening tenants is sure tough one. I have had my share of tenants with various properties, I wish you better luck than I had.

  7. Hopefully, you are on your way to feeling super!

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon. We sure like your choice for the flooring. We will be visiting family in New Brunswick during August and September, and would sure enjoy a chance to meet up somewhere and take you and Rick out to a lunch.

  9. Welcome back, I felt like I lost my best friend! You poor thing, nasty stuff you are dealing with. The headaches must be the worst! Can't imagine dealing with the phone screening never mind real people. I'm sure you will make the right choice. Meanwhile don;t over do anything....get better once and for all. Way to go Rick...beautiful job. Do you want to come work on our new house?

  10. Sheesh! Headaches (migraines to booth) and respiratory issues! Not a fun time. We sure hope you heal well and quickly.

    The RV renos look really good. me an idea!

    Good to have you writing again.

  11. Somebody once said, "It's no fun being sick when you don't feel good." How true.

    Get well soon!

  12. I am so sad that you are not feeling well yet and are suffering so much. I hope you find relief real soon ~ we are working our way up and I am really excited about being up there and seeing you again. Take care my friend!