Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Same ole Same ole !!

Not much new here on the home front. Still interviewing perspective tenants..humm am wondering if we are being too fussy. It is possible.
Rick finished the flooring in Ossumer..and he did one heck of a good job. As soon as I get the energy to stroll down back and clean it up I will snap up some finished pictures. He just has some molding to stain and intall and we'll be good to go. 
Tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the doctors office and here's hoping he has a plan. I can pretty much deal with everything but the head pain and headaches. It has been so long since I've felt really good I forget what it feels like. But I also tell myself the cleaning can wait..and I still have much to be thankful for!

I've seen this all around facebook today-for those of you who have seen it did you notice she has the same jewellery on in both pictures.

Whether you believe in the Monarchy or not, that is one well raised lady whose selfless sense of loyalty, duty and honor will never again be seen in our world or any generation to come I'm afraid..but that is just my opinion!

Today I felt a burst of energy (and maybe a bit of guilt) and made dressing and put a turkey in the oven. Peeled up all the veggies, and set to cooking supper. I haven't been cooking big suppers because I haven't felt like standing up long enough. After supper I felt like I had run at least 1/2 marathon. Our oldest son came for supper-and we sure enjoyed his visit. I'm sure Rick was happy to talk to someone who was sitting upright.

Have a good week everyone, and remember

Home is where you park it


  1. What a great shot of the Queen and Prince Philip. How amazing are those smiles and similar poses. Yes she is one very special lady.

    Turkey and stuffing is major work, slow down!

  2. I love that shots of the Queen. Glad you pointed out the jewelry, not sure I would have noticed. I really enjoyed following along with the festivities. Those English with their sense of humor crack me up!

  3. Glad you are feeling better but take it slow and easy.

    I hadn't seen those shots of the Queen so thanks for sharing. Very sweet.

  4. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are indeed a class act!..great photo from long ago..love the fact that she is wearing the same brooch and pearls!

  5. I'm sitting here watching the concert from last night. Not my style of music, but I love pageantry. I watched the parades, flotilla, bands, changing of the guard.......... So many people..........
    Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon

  6. Notice how Prince Philips seems to be wearing a similar style of jacket each time. My "suit guy" is of the opinion that really fine clothing doesn't really go out of style. I think I 'get it'.
    Hope you Doc can sort you out.

  7. Don't do too much! I hope they find out what the problem is, and you are feeling better in no time :)

  8. Good luck with finding the problem and getting it all fixed up!

  9. Good luck with your Doctor's visit and I hope you get some help with those lousy migraines.

  10. Sure hoping the doctor can diagnose the problem and bring forth a solution. I am familiar with migraine headaches.....and they are no fun!

  11. Everyone loves all the princesses and queens, the princes and kings... all from our little girl dreams!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  12. Haven't been reading many blogs lately, just been hunting down those bureaucrates all the time, well that is besides the ongoing renos in the house. Those pics of the Royals are wonderful. And I agree with you re. the qualitys of the Queen! No politician will ever be like her. In fact, when I hear the lies they are spreading I'm feeling sick to my stomach.
    I really hopw your health is increasing. Gotta get rid of those virus' and such.

  13. Thanks for the pictures of the Queen and Prince Phillip. I love that she is still wearing the same jewellry.

    I hope you are feeling better soon and back on your feet.