Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Camping Trip of the Season!! Happy Fathers Day !!

Happy Father's day to all Dad's out there!!! Hope you all had a wonderful day. We had a Father's day Hannah visit.
Poppa with his Beautiful Girl

We loaded up and took off on Thursday for Truro NS. My cousin Anna-Mae and her hubby Don arrived in their new to them 'motorhome' on Friday, and Friday evening Beth and Barry arrived in their fiver. A great weekend was had by all. We had a lot of laughs and some great meals. Can't wait to do it again. 
Don - Anna Mae's Hubby

 Don, Anna Mae, Barry, Madeline and Beth
 Our rig on left, Anna Mae and her rig on right and our car
M Tucker with a sock taped on (yes its electrical tape) to stop him from scratching his face
Last but not least in the picture taking my beautiful cousin Anna Mae.

I'm feeling somewhat better, but sure would like to see some test results. I called the drs office from my cell on Friday and she couldn't find the results :(..and now they are closed for a month...grrrrrrr but theres nothing I can do about it so I have to stop worrying about it.
We are getting excited to have Donna and Ralph and Jeannie and Buck visit in early July. I will be busy next week researching campgrounds and resorts in PEI as that is where we will all visit after a couple of days here at our home. Rick will be busy this week, he wants to install another power circuit at the back of the house..and trim some trees in the big driveway, preparing for their arrival. It was so nice to camp this weekend without carpet in the living I can't wait until we do the bedroom. So much easier to keep clean. 
Today is bitter sweet for me -remembering 'my wonderful dad' I miss him- he passed so suddenly and so young. He was only 57 years old. I used to love Fathers day it was one of my favorite days of the year, yes even including christmas easter and grading day. I would make his breakfast, and altho I was his shadow all the time I was more so on Father's Day. That was our day, mine and daddy's - I tried to be his 'boy' and many a fathers day was spent off by ourselves fishing and making memories. 
Here is an oldie-L-R myself, Daddy, Mom and my sister Julia
I often sit and wonder, where have the years gone...they just seemed to have whizzed by us..travelling at the speed of light...seems we can't wait to grow up and before we know it we are wishing we could turn back the clock.
Well I think its time to go relax for a bit-take care all-be safe out there and remember...

"home is where you park it"



  1. Looks like a wonderful get together with family. Wonderful to make so many great memories.

  2. happy Father's Day to Rick..nice that you got to get together with your family!..soon you will have more company!..and what fun that will be too!

  3. Nice time for a getaway and especially to get together with family. Great looking camp site.

  4. Happy Fathers' Day to Rick. I know what you mean asking where have the years gone? It is mind boggling at times!

  5. What a wonderful memory of your dad. So sorry that you lost him so early in his life. Happy Father's day to Rick. Love that photo of him with his girl.

  6. Nice picture of the 4 of you. I am so lucky to still have my Dad & Mom. Although they live in California, we still are in close touch.

  7. That doesn't seem right the doctors office would close for a month without taking care of their patients first.

    My Dad also passed away at a young age....52.

  8. Elaine, If there was something wrong with you I am certain you would have been contacted. Likely all is well and everything got filed away.

    Lovely first camping trip of the season....making new memories to add to those of you and your Dad. Thanks for sharing.

  9. WOnderful picture of Rick and his special little lady. :c)

    Great to see some camping weather up there in the frigid North! ;c)

  10. Nice camping weekend. Like you, my father passed away early - age 55. I was very close to him.

    The new floor in the MH looks great.