Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grass Anyone?

It was a busy 'find me something to do' day for me yesterday. So Rick loaded up the ride on mower with gas and I hit the back lawns for a few hours. Maybe thats just what this chick needed. I'm still vibrating - Just wanted to pop on and say hello to everyone. Am happy to hear that the fire out Contessa's ( 5 Cs) way is now under control and that everyone there is safe and sound. Praying that all our texan friends are also safe and sound. Dee and Jim are with family, Pheebee is still putting a smile on everyones face..Rick and Paulette have the tile finished..great job folks, and Alex is on the road to recovery after his surgery..looks like all is well with the blogging friends..have a super weekend all..tomorrow morning we are heading to our friend's cottage for some fun, boating, good food and great company. Not sure how I'll make out as I'm not a boating person.

Last night as I hauled my weary bones to the sofa for a plunked down comfy rest - Tucker beat me to it..thought I'd share this with you..

Get me the remote will you Mom? 

Have a super day all...

Home is where you park it


  1. oh are so cute!!....have a wonderful weekend!..hope you take some gravol along for the boat ride!!

  2. What a GREAT photo of Tucker ~ so darn cute... I bet it would win some kinda contest!
    Have fun & enjoy your boat ride...

  3. Cutting the lawn, well that works!! Keeps you busy.

    Tucker was tuckered, eh!! Love the photo. Priceless.

  4. Tucker is definitely a dog after my own heart - we'd be fighting over that couch for sure!!

  5. Wow what a picture of Tucker! Love it.

  6. Your picture reminds me of one of those boards I saw in a gift shop in Freeport, ME yesterday-" if you want the best seat in the house, move the dog"

  7. Now, that is one fine photo of.....'Remotely Tucker:))'