Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wally Docking in Fishkill NY

Hi Yall we are finally in Fishkill NY...wally docking! 

Rick took the wiper motor off yesterday and we called around and toured around looking for a replacement but that was not to be. The Guy at Napa was wonderful he called anyone and everyone he knew, sadly it was to no avail. So we came back to the rig and fired it into the underbelly, cable tied the wipers together in the center of the windshield and said ok it is what it is. I did find the motor online in Portland Oregon, ordered it (great pricing 112.00) and we are having it delivered to our daughter and son in laws in VA. We plan to arrive there on Monday (weather permitting).

So we hunkered down for the day in Lewiston yesterdatm because of the nasty weather, we all ran to walmart for groceries, then back had supper and play mexican train for the evening.

Today we motored out of Lewiston toward our goal destination of Fishkill NY. The weather was suppose to be clear and cloudy all day with a 0% chance of rain. Murphy's law...

About 1 mile from our exit to Fishkill we had a bad traffic snarl (we think it was road work past our exit). We were 1.5 hours travelling that mile..and of course about 1/2 hour into the inching along it rained a shower. Wouldn't that just be our luck. At one point I was getting pretty freaky (it doesn't take much to make me nervous)...and Rick hopped out of the rig cut the cable ties and worked the wipers manually. Yesterday he talked about rigging up a rope and brining the ends in the window..but I wasn't sure that was the answer. 

Upon arrival here we ran into Walmart and picked up some Rain X..cleaner and invisible wiper stuff and he did the windshield while I made supper. We met a really nice guy in there auto department shopping, who saw us reading every bottle with Rain X on it..I was ready to buy them all..bless his heart he told us he has a hotrod with no wipers and that it was the greatest stuff. He told us what to get and how to use wasn't that nice of him.

The weather looks clear for tomorrow so our goal is to arrive in Chambersburg PA for the night. While there we hope to see our dear friend Debbie (our florida neighbour)..and our boy Fritz, who is at the vet as I type this he's had a pretty sick week of it and has been at the vet almost as much as the poor boy has been home. Thankfully it isn't life threatening it is severe gastritis and they will rehydrate him and settle things down. He's such a dear boy. We are all praying for a speedy recovery for him.

After supper Arch and Annie joined us and we played cribbage. Of course the boys beat us 2 games to our 1...Arch starting out of the gate with a 24 count hand sure helped them out.

The furkids have been wonderful travellers as usual...sleeping the time away on the sofa, waking only for quick pee breaks and treats.

Ok I'm off to shower and crawl into warm jammies and snuggle in with my book. Keep 'sun' dancing for us little friend back in Canada has been sun dancing for us all day..thanks Linds...I'm sure your pretty tired!!!!

Take care all...and be safe out there!!!

Elaine Rick Tucker and Lilly


  1. Safe travels to you guys. Hope we can catch up in Florida.

  2. So sorry to hear about your wipers. That would be scary. Hope there is no more rain until you get to Virginia. We'll be leaving Virginia the day after you get here. But if I recall, your daughter isn't anywhere near Charlottesville.

    1. We will be there tomorrow Sherry she is in Glen Allen? Which I think is fairly close to Richmond...

  3. Safe travels! Maybe we will meet up sometime this winter. Take care! Judy & John

  4. That rain-x works pretty good, keep travelling safe and enjoy.
    Good luck with you new wiper motor.

  5. Glad you found the Rainx. I think you'll like it :)

  6. Hope you are getting your wiper motor soon. happy trails to you!

  7. Rain-X is a good product and a good alternative to having no wipers. Good luck with the repair. The east coast has been blasted by foul weather but that will hopefully clear up and you can have some smooth sailing as you trek southwards.

  8. When I drove for Trailways, had several times where the wipers quit, must be one of the weak links of a coach. Hope that motor is waiting for you at your sisters, Sam & Donna....

  9. I can just see you pulling on ropes to activate the windshield wipers! :))

  10. Pray for more sun! It was out all day down here in Georgia. Are you heading to Florida again this year?

  11. That free overnight parking in Wally Mart is the most expensive campground we stay in... :cD

  12. We have only Wallydocked it once Nashville, TN. We had tire problems then and Den took off the tire from the Hiker and rolled it up to the automotive dept...They fixed it, but the valve stem wasn't put in correctly so we had tire problems the next night too...Hope you see all blue and sunny skies out that big windshield!!

  13. Safe travels from here on! You need a smooth run from there to Florida, for sure.