Monday, November 25, 2013

Finally Time to Update!!!!

We are finally at our resort..after being on the road since Oct. 31st..we sure covered a lot of visiting on the way south this year. Now I remember why we used to wait and do the visiting on the way was cold on the way down.

We had a wonderful visit with our daughter Becky and SIL Matt in VA...we stayed a week with them. It was 2 years since we saw them so we crammed quite a bit of visitation in our one week with them. We shopped, visited, shopped, visited, shopped some more and we also toured the Monticello house which is the estate of Thomas Jefferson. Definitely a must see if your in the area.

Our Beautiful daughter Becky

Becky myself and our son in law Matt

Nothing like a mama -daughter hug

Monticello a must see if your in the area very interesting history here

We left the Richmond area on the 11th and motored over to Shelby NC to visit with Cathy Brent and Duffy. Altho Brent was still in New Bern we had a great visit with Cathy and Duff and as an added bonus Tina Cathy's sister was visiting from Ontario. We were pleased as punch to be there to celebrate Duffy's 15th birthday. What a special boy McDuff is..he was out of one of our litters 15 years ago. 
The Birthday boy-Happy 15th Birthday McDuff you are so special

He's definitely a 'superman'

After a wonderful visit there we motored onto Hendersonville NC to visit with my dear Aunt Kay, my cousin Pat and her Hubby Steve. 
Even tho Aunt Kay is 86 she moves like a 40 year old and I can't keep up with her. 
My wonderful Aunt Kay 86 years young

From there we met up with our friends Larry and Marilyn at Walkabout Campground in Woodbine GA. and spent the weekend together. Mar had a great supper all ready for us upon arrival...thanks for the great weekend...
Marilyn and I

Hows that for a cool a pub the four of us had supper at

After woodbine we were Florida bound...stopping in Lee Florida to visit friends Jeannie and Buck...always a great time at there place for sure. Buck has a great setup with full hookups. We left there on Thursday and arrived here after a long drive day. Did the basic hookup, and went out to supper with friends here in the resort. 
Friday was a deep cleaning day, laundry and organizing of the cupboards, closets and dressers...and we finished setting up the outside. Then it was off to Clewiston for supplies at walmart and the liquor store of course.

Today, dear friends Debbie and Kenny came to visit us and brought their new fur kids...two darling yorkies!! And what cuties they are. 

Saturday evening we played cards with Cheryl and Cal, and now we're crashing for the rest of the evening..
The weather has been excellent, hot and sunny, in fact its 9:54pm and Rick just left for a quick dip in the pool to cool off.
Sunday it was back to town to grab some forgotten supplies, and hosted our first dinner party, full roast beef dinner, wine and desert then a round of card playing.

I see some of you are at your winter homes safe and sound, and others are travelling, while some are still on the count down to leave. 
Be safe out there everyone...!! 
Elaine Rick Tucker and Lilly


  1. Well, you're lucky to have "hot and sunny". It ain't necessarily so in other parts. We're cool (OK, *cold*) and dry here. If it's sunny, I'm OK with that.
    Have fun!

  2. Enjoy the great weather. We are cold and wet here in Galveston but moving on to sunnier climes tomorrow.

  3. And some others aren't going anywhere. Glad you made it safely to FL. You didn't mention where your resort is this year. Same as last?

  4. Glad you made it safe and sound! The weather is definitely warmer here in FL than most other places right now :)

  5. 25 here in NJ this morn. South Texas sure will be welcome come January.

    My goodness, you sure did some visiting on your way south. Maybe the weather was cool but those visits must have warmer your hearts.

    Love Monticello. Been there several times. Hendersonville, NC. Daughter was there two weeks ago and returns next week again. She is a Human Resource Director for the worlds largest chocolate producer - from growing the beans to the final product. Her territory in the US includes a small plant Hendersonville called Mona Lisa. They make those novelty chocolate items such as coffee cups, etc. She loves Hendersonville. I also have a friend I used to work with who lives there. Small world, isn't it.

  6. Like Bob said we are Cold but dry at this time but London, Ontario took a major hit with two feet of that white stuff most of us try to avoid. Can't wait to get where the warmth is.

    Maybe now you can slow down and relax a bit. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. You have been pretty busy , soon you can slow down a bit and relax, that what we are doing now.

  8. Great to have an update from you. Becky looks so much like you! Love the wine glass chandelier. Now just take some time to settle in and relax.

  9. I'm exhausted from just reading your blog! Where do you two get your energy?? We are still hanging around waiting for the results of my 13 biopsies...Who the Hell but me gets 13??

  10. Is that ALL you did? What a couple of slackers you've turned into... :cD

    Glad you're "home" safe and sound. Nice goatee Rick is sporting!

  11. Monticello is such a great place, it is definitely on our list for a revisit.