Saturday, September 14, 2013

Counting Down to Departure!!!

Wow almost four months since I've blogged...!!! I started our last blog with an opening of "We arrived back in our driveway"....yesterday was the first time we've been in our driveway in almost a month..we have had a summer of road ripping and construction right outside our door, over and over again..what a mess..but thank you to the contractors for allowing us back into our driveway for at least this weekend. They are building a sidewalk to stops/ends just past our house. I've said all along its a make work project..and just another way for the government to raise our property taxes...the racket, dirt ,mess and pounding has been unreal. From 7am till 7pm daily.

This was day "one" of looking out the front as you can imagine it was all downhill from there-this was right on our front lawn. 

Rick was a busy boy, doing some construction in our backyard, putting in a nice solid pad for RV parking..
And Ossumer seems to enjoy his new digs, facing the river..

Today I had to reset my blog wonder I could read you all and not post..took me awhile to figure that one out. Its been so long that I've forgotten my password and had to reset..I've always been setup as 'logged on"...not sure when that changed...Oh yes I have been keeping an eye on you all when I've had a few spare minutes...and thankfully alot of you are on facebook so we've been in touch..
The summer has definitely sped by us...we have enjoyed our time with our family but where did it you know we've been working on and off for the local RV dealership (a very fun job)..prepping units, delivering, setting up etc. The rush is over thankfully in that aspect. I tho have been working in the dealership office helping out for a few weeks and I will finish up on October 11. The the rush will be on for lift off South by October 31.
We have had lots of company this past summer, our motorhome has been put to good use by our visitors, even though it didn't move off the pad often. 
We did get one trip to PEI with relatives while they were here, and a trip or two up to our camp land. But no major travelling. I think this is the first weekend in the last five that we haven't had visitors.
Rick has been a wonderful house husband while I have been working during the week. I hadn't planned on working full time hours but they needed office help (their gal is on maternity leave)...and her replacement only stayed until the middle of Elaine to the rescue. It is a fun place to work..and I am thoroughly enjoying my time there. Plus I'm loving the paydays. 
Exciting new items to share with you:
We finally got ourselves a new family doctor (in mid August)...we are so pleased about that!!! She is young and very diligent...we've had two visits to her so far and we love her! 
I have still not had my 5 year check up :(..but that is not her fault..our previous Dr was suppose to send in my referrals back in May, then in June, July and August and that has not happened..even tho when she called him he said he did..according to the specialist they have received nothing,maybe he is angry that we've changed? Our new one still does not have our charts :( and Dr previous who is now on a months vacation is unreachable for me to even growl at.
Dr. B is going to try push thru referrals for my 5 yr checkup but I truly can't see that happening before the end of Oct. She did set us all up with our meds for the winter, and our blood work was done 'again' and we're setup for that in the spring.

Excitement # 2-We just found out that our youngest daughter who lives in Mississippi is moving. Matt our son in law received a fantastic job offer in Richmond VA area and they have to be there lock stock and barrel by Oct. 1st. We travel thru there on our way south and are very excited to be able to stop and visit...and we can also stop on the way back!!! This will make them so much closer to prayers have been answered!!!!
Excitement # 3 - Anne and Arch from Nova Scotia are arriving here on Oct 29th, and will stay here with us..visit some family in the area and the four of us will tandem travel out of here on the 31st. They are heading west this year, and have a wonderful trip planned, check out their blog for their travel itinerary ...but we can travel together  as far as Roanoke VA area, where they will branch off west and we will visit with our daughter and son in law. It will be nice to travel part of the way with friends. We haven't seen them since last winter in Fl !!!
We are heading back to the same lot and resort this winter..thinking maybe next year we will plan the west coast. I'm just ready to get back south for a much needed rest, and see all our Fl friends.
Safe travels folks, I can see we are all getting the itch to get going...I will start blogging again for sure once we are on the road..meantime I will be jotting around like a mad hatter with my work, lists, organizing to be gone for 6 months.

But at the end of all the rushing and madness there is usually a......

Thanks for stopping by!!! Am pleased to have finally gotten myself back into the blogging groove...

Am off to work on lists....

Be safe out there...
Elaine, Rick and the furkiddos...


  1. So glad to see you back!

    What an aggravation that construction must have been and still is to you both.

    Sounds like great plans for the winter months and visiting with daughter and family all the better.

    Safe travels and waiting to hear about "take off".

  2. Sounds like lots of good news in your world...except for your driveway issues :)
    The next 6 weeks will fly by. Safe travels south!

  3. Great to see your blog pop-up on my sidebar again. Sounds like you've had a busy and enjoyable summer. Countdown's to snowbird time are pretty exciting.

  4. Had an idea you had a busy summer. That whole "book of face" thing.
    The story goes that, once upon a time, the city (or region or whoever) thought they'd put in a sidewalk on our street. The neighbours got up in arms and put a stop to it. We don't need no stinkin' sidewalk.
    Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the stupidity of the bureaucrats.
    Now if we could only get our street cut off about in the middle, so that it would be impossible to "cut through". That would work for me, but now I'm sounding like a miserable old guy. Too many dough heads using our street in the mornings as a short cut.
    Next spring when you come back, it'll be *all better*.
    Let's hope.

  5. Glad to see that you're back to where it all began. We'll be seeing you and Rick in February and finally get that sit down visit we missed out on the last time. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time

  6. Love the header photo.

    Well aren't you full of good news. The best is about your daughter moving. We love family time. Now you will be able to make so many more memories. Enjoy your frantic time of

  7. Now my prayers have been answered, you are back blogging. Other than the sidewalk fiasco you seem to have had a great summer. I know you like visitors so for you that is good. Great news about your daughter's move and by the time you arrive they should be settled.

  8. I think I would have found all that construction very annoying. sounds like you have some good travel plans ahead.

  9. Welcome back to blogville. Good to catch up with you. We had a sidewalk project in front of our house this summer too...about drove me nuts.

  10. So glad to see your post and to have you in my comments section again. Welcome back! Your daughter in Richmond is only 90 miles from our place in Virginia. If you travel through Charlottesville be sure to let us know. Perhaps we'll see you in Florida since we never made it north beyond Campobello. Next time for sure I'll have some arrangements made for phone and internet and those herbs.

  11. Sounds as if summer treated you well. Glad to hear about your western swing happening. We have a spot reserved for you at both the Dogpounds, North and South.

  12. Nice to see you back on the blogging list and that you have had a very busy summer. get ready to head south soon.

  13. You've almost survived summer, soon you'll be heading South to relax, right?

  14. Nice looking RV pad to enjoy while getting ready for the next trip. Glad to see your posts again!

  15. Glad to have you back "on the air"..! I am very jealous that you leave so early, but Dennis likes to help a farmer friend combine corn...Plus we are still helping our elders adjust to assisted far, they hate it...just great.

  16. Good to have you back on the sidebar. Yours was one busy, busy summer. That you are planning your winter snowbirding adventures seems about right. The snow will fly before long. Working at the RV place seemed most enjoyable. How nice that is!

  17. Welcome back, hoping you stay in the groove.

  18. Good to hear from you again. Looking forward to reading about your adventures on the road again!

  19. We are looking forward to traveling with you two as we make our way to our winter "homes". It is exciting to be starting out again. Hitch itch is setting in.

  20. What a mess on the new sidewalk. Glad things are finally getting back to normal.

    October 31 is approaching fast. We plan to head back to Florida some time in November, providing no emergencies call us back earlier.

    Stop in and visit on your way back. We're in the north Georgia mountains.

  21. Hey, glad to see you are back blogging again, October 31 will be here before you know it!