Thursday, May 30, 2013

Never a Dull Moment for sure!! We are 'STARS'

We arrived back in our driveway on April 19th safe and sound..and trust me when I say we have not stopped since. On our journey home we stopped to visit friends and relatives in Va, Hendersonville NC and New Bern we pretty much took 3 weeks to get home. So as not to bore you all to death I will just skim over the last month and give you the high you can understand why we have not been updating. Thankfully a lot of you are on facebook and I've been keeping up with you that way.

We were home 2 days when things took a turn for 'busy'. Our son who works out in western Canada has his home not too far from us..which he rents..his tenant skipped out 2 days after we got home, and what a mess..suffice to say it took both of us, and 2 of our dear friends over 2 weeks to paint, tear up  and replace floors, fill 2 dumpsters, build and stain new decks and steps (yes even they were destroyed)...change locks clean out the garage..and on and is now in pristine shape and I have a new tenant in there. Then the end of April our tenant vacated (with notice)..and her idea of normal wear and tear certainly was not the same as ours. So we had some mudding and painting to do over there, which was sad because it was all done just a year ago. We also had to replace the wood floor in one of the bedrooms :(...but now it is completed and ready for perspective walk thru tenants and viewings..hopefully we will find ideal tenants for it soon.

Just (and I mean hours not days) as we got all of this pulled together, we got called to go to work..and what a fun job. Part time (although its been long days during peak season)..we are working for the local RV dealer, cleaning, detailing Rvs, delivering and setting up Rvs..and doing walk throughs with new customers...what a blast we are never know when your feet hit the floor here in the morning what the day has in store for you. 
Tuesday we were working and asked to take the big Ventana motorhome over to the local Casino. They were doing a commercial to advertise a new promo 'free RV parking for patrons' - the mascot of the local casino is Elvis. He's in all their commercials..what we didn't know till we arrived, was it was going to be a 4 hour shoot and we had to dress as Elvis and be in the commercial. What a hoot that was. So here's your laugh for the day folks..Mr & Mrs Elvis..

We were off yesterday, and again today..thankfully I have  6 months of cleaning to chase around my house..we just opened 6 months worth of mail and yes we are late getting our taxes submitted as they were suppose to be in by April 30..but you may as well be a month late as a day late so I will get them done sooner or later I'm sure.
Sunday past was my birthday, and we had dinner with the local kids at our daughter Tracey's...our oldest son Don joined us there. Everyone seemed to disappear right around dinner time..they returned after seating me at the head of the table with laptops, iPhones, and ipods...they had all our other kids on skype on all the different electronic items. They all sang happy birthday, and it was so touching ...believe it or not I was at a loss for words (that doesn't happen often as most of you know) thanks kids for making my day so very special.
Yesterday I realized I was driving around with an expired drivers license it had expired on off I ran post haste to the MVD and got that renewed I'm cleaning and catching up on blogs..our car went into the dealer this morning for service work, so I'm house bound..thank heavens...
Take care all..thanks for stopping by...

Elaine Rick and furkids


  1. What a whirlwind of activity....and most of it unwarranted! Too bad you could not shackle the errant tenant to labour through the renovations.

    It does seem that your treadmill has slowed down to a more reasonable speed now.

  2. Busy, busy. Pne reason I gave up rental properties years ago.
    Like your Elvis outfits, looks like fun.

  3. You are the Energizer Bunny! Maybe you can do a commercial for him! Non stop seems inadequate to describe your days. You make a cute Elvis couple. The RV job will keep you busy but as long as you are having fun at the same time!

    I don't get why you would need to replace a floor in a house you had in perfect condition just a year ago. What did they do to it?

    Your kids are so very sweet to create that special memory for you. Happy belated birthday. Enjoy your day at home today.

  4. Thanks for the update, we were wondering what you were up to !!

    ( in my Elvis voice .... Thank you, Thank you very much !! )

    We had revenue houses too, and I just laugh when the TV shows make it sound so simple to "have tenants make your mortgage payments for you"!! Sure wish it was that easy and effortless ... LOL.

    Glad you are enjoying your gig at the RV dealer. Looks like fun, and such a great variety of tasks makes it so interesting.

    Happy belated Birthday !! Your family is simply the BEST !!

    Take care ... TnT

  5. Lol, love the Elvis getups. Sounds like you guys are being very busy!

  6. Good grief! I'm tired just reading this. I wondered what happened to you as I didn't see any posts or comments from you and I hate facebook so I don't do it. Love the Elvis pics and your son sure is lucky that you were willing to do all that work to his rentals. Exactly why I don't have rentals too. I thought seriously about it but I have friends who have had great tenants and those who have had horrid ones and if you aren't around a lot it seems you get the latter. Hope to hear more from you.

  7. Yes, you have been extremely busy. What an interesting part time job. I think Paul and I would enjoy doing that job.

    Hope the next month is a little less hectic for you two.

  8. Dennis and I couldn't follow you around ....Thanks for the update.."Thank you, thank you vermuch".

  9. We were having rental property in Alberta. gave it up, sold out for the very same reason - most tenants were P I G S!
    Good to be home eh? Did you like the weather pattern up here? You might have been too busy to notice the cold. Now, enjoy the summer!

  10. Holey moley! You sure get around! It sounds like you are very busy but very happy too. Take a day once in while to relax though. Glad to hear from you again.

  11. The landlord tenant arrangement here is sure as heck different than in Europe! The tenant HAS to leave the place in the same condition as when they moved in. Or they lose their deposit. AND, everyone has to make a deposit. AND give 60 days notice, or they'll just keep taking the money out of your bank account. AND you can't just close out that account either and walk away. Nope.
    Here? Gah. I wouldn't be a landlord for love nor money. I have three siblings all of whom have had bad experiences as landlords. The most recent one is my sister, who has now decided to just sell her cute little place in Kitchener at a loss, rather than put up with the crazy lady who now rents it. Best of luck with all that.

  12. Funny I see Elvis standing next to Elvis. The one of the left is a lot shorter than I thought he was. And I am wondering in which phase he had a gray mustache.

  13. You look more like Elvis than Elvis did! :cD

    No wonder you need to sneak out every year for a vacation in the South! All that work, just reading about it wore me out!

  14. first off, welcome home and happy belated birthday! sure sounds like the two of you have been very busy!! hope it slows down for soon!!

  15. So, that's where Elvis is now - living in a casino. Glad you had a fun birthday.

  16. OMG, I am LMAO.. Elvis!! I love it...You sure have been busy.. Better this way than last year when you came home sick..

  17. Yep, sounds like you have been pretty busy to me. Hope you take a little time to slow down and relax a bit, unless you have to go to Las Vegas for a concert or something, lol!