Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lee Florida....Remembrance Day /Veterans Day

Remembering and thanking my uncles for their service to our country. L-R Cecil, Leo, Duncan and Jim. They all came home from the 2nd ww except for Leo who went down on the SS Caribou. Thank you to everyone who have served our countries! 

We arrived Lee Florida early Thursday afternoon at our friends, Buck and Jeannie's home, after a safe three hour drive day from Woodbine Florida.
My handsome chauffeur

Our furkids travel in style in their doggie seat belts

 And what a home it is..they have a beautiful property and home, and alot of it. They have a pad here with 50 amp three way hookup and we are having the time of our lives. 
J and B's beautiful ranch

Here we are parked up next to their RV which they have stored in their yard
Jeannie has a shop here on the property and her favourite hobby is monogramming-she has a wonderful monogram machine (actually she has machines everywhere) so while Buck and Rick are visiting, Jeannie and I are monogramming..this is a hobby I could truly get into. I love it..
I have been monogramming on tea towels since my arrival..there is no doubt I am going to have to invest in one of these. 
Jeannie teaching me how to 'stitch in the ditch'

I am an 'old fashioned' quilter, I piece my tops on the machine then put it into the frames to quilt all by hand. Jeannie makes gorgeous quilts after monogramming each block, then she sews it together with the 'stitch in the ditch' method..I love this method. Am going to get one of those monogram machines.

Loading up the threads on the monogram machine

And here I go

My first monogrammed piece-christmas tea towel

Just a sneak peek of a St. Patricks day quilt Jeannie embroidered each block on her machine and is now doing the stitch in the ditch method to put it together. What talent she has...and she has definitely done some gorgeous work.

We are having such a great visit with these folks. Jeannie is a very patient soul, willing to share her knowledge with me. Thanks Jeannie!!!! They are wonderful hosts..the best of the best.
Stay safe out there folks, I'm behind on my blog reading , but that is because I am having too much fun and I will catch up within the next few days.

Home is where you park it!!!


  1. You are definitely having fun there! Rick is in for some $ spending :)

  2. My goodness...your friends could open their own RV park. Beautiful!
    Love the towel, and the sneak peak at the quilt reveals Jeannie's super eye for detail. Great job ladies!

  3. Well, I learned something. That's a cool machine. Heaps cleaner than woodworking, but I don't think I'll switching over any time soon. Have fun.

  4. Beautiful home and yard and great work on the monogram machine. I can see you putting your psecial mark on everything.

  5. Uh oh! Where can you put that monogramming machine in the motorhome?

  6. great place to park for a while!..looks beautiful as does your monogram work!

  7. That monogram machine is quite interesting. Hmmmm,...Christmas gift from Rick to Elaine perhaps? Nice and private RV friend park, I say!

  8. I was thinking the same as Paul and Marti Dahl........Where would you put the monogramming machine in the motorhome?

  9. You here and having too uh fun, enjoy the great weather.

  10. Looks like a great spot to call home ...

  11. I am always fascinated by the unique hobbies that people excel in. You should get one of those machines and give it a try.