Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still on the Road-!!! Ya can't cure ignorance!

Hi Folks, yesterday we pulled a long 10 hour day..and boy were we tired. We hauled into the wallyworld parking lot for the night in Front Royal VA. We parked down in the area where other MHs and RVs were parked. We like to stick together right?
We were parked in the end of a line cross ways to the car lots next to the entrance lane into walmart-but we were in the parking lot area if you can figure out what I'm trying to explain here. This is what a 'trucker' did to us. 

This shot is from the door and passenger seat taken from inside

This shot is from our kitchen window

We couldn't' even open our door. He pulled up in the driving lane/entrance road into walmart and parked right there! Firstly he was illegally parked on the road, and secondly he had to see us we aren't there was tons of room in the parking lot if he wanted to park somewhere. I thought ok maybe hes having mechanical issues, or is possibly on the phone. We peeked out our bedroom window and he was sitting in the drivers seat reading a book.We didn't dare try to move the rig because we do not have a back window and we couldn't see if our toad was really close to him or not. And we couldn't open the door to check it out. I tried extremely hard not to hyperventilate and of course the furkids needed to go out. 
We waited and we waited wondering what we should do-we were fearful to call walmart security or the police..but there was no way I was going to bed knowing we couldn't get out of the rig. I was truly starting to panic.
Finally after over an hour he left. Needless to say, I sure didn't sleep well last night. Now I've always had great respect for truck drivers, and have always found them to be courteous travellers..but this one sure put a bad taste in my mouth.

We were up and on the road by 7:30 and arrived safe and sound in Danbury Ct at a nice Travel Center. We are parked up with approx 8 other rigs. There is a free dump station here as well as a tap to refill your fresh tank. Today was a hairy drive, but the weather was good.
Now I'm off to have a shower and hit the safe out there yall....tomorrow we hope to be in Bangor...

Home is where you park it!


  1. What an idiot! He was just trying to be a smart a--.
    Safe travels back home.

  2. Ya just can't fix stupid!! I agree, most truckers are hard-working, courteous individuals but that was just mean!! Glad he moved but I can see why you would panic.

  3. You only Get respect if You give it and that trucker ends on the wrong side of respect. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Just like every occupation, there are ignorant truck drivers too.

    We ran into one like that at a gas station. We had to get the owner out to make the trucker move as he refused when I asked him politely.

  5. We, too have run into rude truckers, who give a bad name to the thousands that are really nice people.

  6. some people are just plain ignorant!..glad to see he left finally!!!..honking the horn may have worked but that may have ticked him off! was a no win situation!

  7. He probably figured with Canadian plates on your vehicles, that at least you weren't "packing".
    Any time we ever parked like that, I was always trying to figure out an "escape route". It's very hard though to try and paddle against an overwhelming tsunami of stupidity.

  8. Hi you guys! That sure was a nasty trucker. I would have honked the big airhorns until security showed up. Or called the Wally mart. Guys like that really tick me off.
    A weather warning: You are running into bad weather. Rain for the next week until Thursday!

  9. Its just takes one bad trucker to put a bad taste in your mouth. Glad he did not stay too long.

  10. That was the last thing you needed after such a long day. Travel safe.

  11. Yup, that guy was a real jerk! Like you we find most truck drivers to be friendly and courteous to RV's.

  12. Agreed! You cannot fix 'stupid'.

    Good drive wishes for your return back home.

  13. Attitude problems!! I could feel your panic at not being able to get out. Very scary, of course you didn't sleep, poor thing.

  14. Definitely have to hate that. Reminds me of when we were parked at a Cabela's for the night in a HUGE parking lot for RV's and during the night some idiot pulled up beside us. We woke up about 5:30 or 6am to the sound of a generator running. Looked out the bedroom window and not 3 feet away was an RV with two brainless idiots working on the generator. They had the whole parking lot and they decide to pull up 3ft away from us. Go figure!

    We drove that route last year. It's not fun, way too much traffic. Hope you have another good day tomorrow.

    Kevin and Ruth

  15. Safe travels. We were in Front Royal last week. Did the Skyline Drive and Luray Caverns a little south. Nothing feels like home. At the Irving in Baring we saw a similar situation to yours with an 18 wheeler plus trailer. He pulled in beside the gas tanks within a foot of the side of a Jeep. He was up over the curb and on the grass. Couldn't figure why he needed to get into that spot. Idiocy must be spreading...
    Bev in NS Canada