Wednesday, April 4, 2012

At the Beach!!

We arrived at Myrtle Beach yesterday mid afternoon from Shelby NC. I sit here this morning looking out the window while I post and its a gorgeous morning. The sunrise was spectacular-and sadly I was so engrossed in watching it I did not get a picture. The birds are singing and the park is slowly coming to life. We will have 12 days here before heading for home. Our visit in Shelby NC with friends Cathy and Brent went by too fast. It was a great visit of 10 days and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It has definitely been a wonderful  winter for us as our first trip out as snow birds. Rick enjoyed his time in Shelby, as Cathy had a bit of a honey do list ready for him..he installed toilets, ceiling fans and light fixtures, and installed landscaping lights around their property for them. On Tuesday we visited the Life Enrichment Center in Kings Mountain with Cathy and Duffy. As you know Duff is from our golden retriever line 14 years ago, when we were breeding goldens. He is a certified therapy dog and during the visitation we were all interviewed by the Shelby Star newspaper. Cathy as his owner and Rick and I as his breeders. What an honour. He has sure made us proud of our blood lines..and he worked that facility like a movie star. He may now be a slow senior but his spirit is still young. He knows which residents like dogs and which ones are leery of dogs. He sure received the royal treatment, and the excitement crackled in the air when he entered the facility. One would think a king arrived to visit. Elderly folks literally left their walkers and got right down on the floor to enjoy him. 

 Yes I got down on the floor also-and had a harder time getting back up than some of the elderly folks.

 We are so proud of Duffy and of his owner Cathy for working with him to make him such a special dog. He has touched the lives of many through his therapy work.
He sure loves hugs and kisses from his Mama-thank you Cathy for making him into such a special boy-you and Brent are special owners!
There were many wonderful sunsets from their deck on the lake and every one was different

Brent resting on the deck with Tucker and Lilly

Duff resting upon our return home after the visitation-a rest well earned

There have been many good lunches and meals during our stay!

We even have the same cookbooks from our Moms

Lots of fun happy hours!
This afternoon we will have visitors from home :) Joe and Paula Stewart-he just called-they are at the resort just next door to us-how exciting. Other friends from Ontario stopped in last evening (thanks for looking us up Colin) and we will be going to supper with them this evening. It is once again shaping up to be a fun-filled stay here in Myrtle Beach. Beautiful weather, the wonderful ocean and great friends what more could we ask for ! Stay safe out there folks...and remember

"Home is where you park it"


  1. Duff is a beautiful boy and so sweet.
    We love Goldens since we met our girl Sweet Pea.

    Beautiful sunsets

  2. Making his 'momma's proud'!..what a sweety Duff is! all goldens are..but they are my preferred dog of choice!
    great sunet photos!! are going to miss that 'campground'!

  3. Fun stuff. You're certainly better off hanging around the right coast. Seems there's some weather issues that other snow birds need to be mindful of. Parts of Texas is kind of off limits right about now.
    Duffy sure is a nice looking boy. We have friends with goldens. They're are such sweethearts.
    "Be safe out there!"
    Oh wait, that's someone else's line.

  4. We love-love-love Goldens, they are such sweet dogs. We had a wonderful Golden, Cutter, that gave us much joy until he passed away about six years ago.

    Now we get our Golden fix with our grand-dog Cooper, owned by our son Corey in NJ. He thinks he's a lap dog, don't tell him he's not, he might never get over it! ;c)

  5. Duffy looks like the Golden we had. What an awesome breed of dog. So loving!
    You sound like you are having a wonderful time! What is that drink? It looks like something I would love. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  6. We have been to Myrtle Beach in 2009 and visited Brookgreen Gardens. If you guys like flowers and phantastic art (statues) you might want to visit the place. Online info at:

  7. You are having the time of your life this first trip out!!! so many friends and so many wonderful opportunities.

  8. Beautiful sunset pictures but they pale in comparison to that beautiful Golden Boy. Duff looks like such a great dog. How wonderful for the seniors to have such a great dog to visit with.

  9. We love the Myrtle Beach area too, maybe head back to that area for a bit next winter.

  10. Beautiful photos of a beautiful area. Nice story about Duff. Golden Retrievers are great dogs!