Monday, December 12, 2011

Old Murphy is Still Hanging Around-grrr

Ok Murphy we've had just about "enough" of your can leave us anytime, you are really starting to become a jerk. 

It has been a busy time here in our stix and bricks getting ready for the Christmas season and travel plans while  dealing with family health issues. Our daughter is doing very well from her latest issues, and Hannah is back on the mend from her flu bug.

As for Richard? He is fully recovered from his surgery in October but his blood pressure is not improving. We started the medications on Dec. 2 and the only change in the monitoring is his readings are not coming down. In fact some days it is worse. Yesterday and today it has been 170/100. We had another appointment with the doctor for Dec. 19th but I felt that was too far out so I called today and changed it to this Thursday. She stated we should be seeing a significant drop/change by now and to continue monitoring it and we will see our physician on Thursday this week instead of Monday next week. Time is of the essence for us if we still hope to leave on the 27th.

We did have a lovely weekend..friends arrived on Saturday and spent the evening and night with us and we thoroughly enjoyed their visit. Although we tend to enjoy each other so much that we stay up too late. I think we fell into bed around 3:30am Sunday morning.:) Yesterday was a jammie couch day watching movies until.....we remembered that we were suppose to go to our daughters for supper and pick up the grands around and take them out to see all the pretty Christmas lights and decorations. Talk about two people hopping in the shower and rushing around to be ready on time.

Supper was great and the grands loved the lights. We didn't get out of the car and walk around because Rick has a terrible head cold and it was a very cold evening. But they still enjoyed our time together. Then it was back home with treats of Tim Hortons candy cane hot chocolate. 

Here are some snaps of our sights..they are not the best because in all the rush I left my camera at home and had to use my crackberry..but it will give you a good idea.
Downtown City Hall Area

Partial display of a home that decorates each year

Today is a sunny but bitter cold day...but I know we will be in 'sun and warmth' soon. I am confident we will get this blood pressure issue under control and still be on target to leave. 

Just a tidbit for you-I didn't know-did you?

Do you know what a "Candy Cane Really is"? Many years ago a candy maker wanted to make candy that would symbolize the true meaning of Christmas-which is "Jesus". The hard candy was shaped like a "J" to represent that Jesus is our rock of all ages. The candy was white-which stands for the pureness of "Jesus". And the red represents the blood that Jesus shed to save us from our sins. So the next time you see a candy cane, take a minute to remember the real meaning of Christmas :).

Today is 'blog' catchup day so I can see that you all had a great I better get at it...

Take care and stay safe!!!

Home is where you park it
Sometimes you have to forget whats gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to whats coming next”.
"May your day be filled with blessings like the sun that lights the sky~and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly"


  1. Glad to hear your daughter is doing better and that Hannah has recovered from the flu bug. Hope Rick gets the blood pressure regulated so you can leave Murphy behind and start relaxing in some nice warm weather. Looks like some nice decorating around your area.

  2. Tell Rick he might need more walking for his pressure issue, That's what my wife always tells me.Wish we were going with you guys in 14 days. Our fiver is still in the shop having the floor repaired.Maybe March in Fla will happen though. Be safe out there Sam & Donna..

  3. I am sending a personal note to Mr. Murphy asking him to move up.

    Never heard that about the candy cane before. Thanks for sharing.

  4. oops, I mean for Mr. Murphy to move ON!!

  5. Love the pics of the christmas lights in town. They look very festive. Hope everything goes as planned and that you will be able to head to the sun and sand real soon.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. great photos even if all you had was your cell phone!!..hope Rick is on the way down with the blood pressure issues!..sending you both good thoughts for a departure after Christmas!!

  7. Keep working on the blood pressure, once you get going, relax and don't worry then hopefully it will drop.

    Murphy's not a good friend to you guys tell him to get lost.

  8. You mentioned Rick having a head cold, did you know that certain over the counter cold medicines will raise your blood pressure?

  9. Hohoho...don't get discouraged about this blood pressure thing. Hang in!
    You sure taught me something new about that candy thing. Had no idea, and in Mainland Europe that thing is not common.

  10. Ditto on the over the counter head cold medicine. We have to watch that one. Really sucks too, since T.C. can't take anything for a runny nose.
    The doc might have you take home an over night monitor. We've been there and done that too. Bit of a nuisance though, since the thing pumps up and measures blood pressure ever hour or so. (Something like that, I was just trying to sleep through the whole thing).
    There's no blood pressure that can't be lowered, so keep the faith. Hopefully you'll get your answer on Thursday.
    The calmer you are, the easier it will all be.
    Hang in.

  11. Happy to hear your daughter has improved. Regarding Rick - the only BP meds that worked for Gordon was Micardis Plus. Hope he improves quickly!

  12. Could Rick be taking any other drugs that are not good with BP meds? Sure hope it gets controlled soon.

  13. Love the picture of your granddaughters in their new funky hats.
    Your family was in our thoughts and prayers again this morning, you have been through so much !
    Wishing you all the best, Trent and Teresa

  14. I think some time in the sun would lower Rick's BP quite a bit. I hope he gets good news at the Doctor on Thursday and you can be on your way south as scheduled.

  15. I concur with the others. I am making a push to get Murphy out of your lives. Hey! Pick on someone else!

    Sure nice to know you daughter is mending. Sure hoping Rick's doctor can find the right medication to control the BP.

  16. No more Murphy! Love looking at the Christmas lights..makes the season festive!

  17. I'm wishing everyone a complete return to good health! Stay cozy and have a Tim Horton's hot chocolate for me. I miss that place!

  18. Lovely pictures. You two have sure been busy!
    Praying for great news for Rick!